Amazing sale on TV DVDs at Amazon has a sale on the first-season DVD box sets of 24, Simpsons, Futurama, King of the Hill, Millenium, Roswell, Angel, and Buffy. Only $14.99 a set!!!

I just picked up the first seasons of The Simpsons and Futurama.

Thanks for the information, Gary. I just expanded my collection of Joss Whedon works…

Damn. I thought Millenium was going to be $14.99. In Living Color $29.99? It was funny then and all, but I believe they would have to give those away with a crisp, new 5 dollar bill to clear out the warehouse.

Damn, and I just promised myself no new stuff until Halo 2. I’m such a sucker for DVDs.

FYI - MAS*H - Season One has been added to the sale.

There was a time, once it went to syndication, that MAS*H was on 4 times a day and 5 on its normal prime time air days. I saw every episode ~900 times. Now I go back and try to watch and it just didn’t age well. Maybe it is the laugh track in the middle of war-torn Korea. Oh and B.J. Honneycutt blows.