Amazing Scientific Discovery

It dinos itself!

What the fuck?

They really need to think about the ramifications of that kind of thing. Are they playing God here?

I heard Washington Bought Slate.

This is certainly related to that.

My mind. It is blown. This could effect the way I do everything! Even pee!

Oh my god! It is full of stars!

Dino Stars!


This could actually be used as a teaching tool.

Does he make Bioware games?

No, because there’s no facile love story in it.


The Guardian turned into The Onion so gradually I hardly even noticed!

In a course called “How To Be a Crappy Journalist”.

Students enquiring about being another kind of journalist will be told that, a) there’s no market for any other sort of journalism and b) by asking a meaningful question they’ve shown a level of intellectual curiosity incompatible with the demands of the job and are in danger of failing before they’ve even started.

This is where I