Amazing Sealed Dreamcast Collection

Just saw this over on racketboy. Wow. I’m more interested in how the whole thing was amassed over time. Anyone gonna jump for 20 grand? Come on Tom, you know you want it.

ebay auction

racketboy article

As a huge fan of the Dreamcast I gotta say that is a little tempting, but then I wouldn’t ever want to play the games because I wouldn’t want to remove them from their packaging. :(

Am I more of a nerd because I admit that the lot is tempting or because even if I did buy it I wouldn’t remove the games from their packaging?

20K is a lot of coin.

I’ve always been of the mindset that you can’t play it while it’s in the shrinkwrap, so you may as well open it up…

As a gamer I would want to carefully unwrap each one and play the hell out of it. As a collector, I’d lock em’ up and wouldn’t touch them without white gloves. Ah the dilemma.

20k is a lot of moolah. But if you break it down to a game by game price, around $33 per factory sealed game is a bargain. I would wager that the collector might have even spent more than 20 grand to get them all.

This is actually a reposting of an earlier auction (from late February, I believe;–with the addition of the ability to make an offer.