Amazing Strangers on Youtube

This guy has been taking hundreds of short video clips of the different inhabitants of Union Square. There is too much going on in these videos to go into detail. I’ve stayed up way too late watching them as it is. My favorite regular so far is Wendell.

Note: Not entirely safe for work.

This is just bizarre…I’ve never been to NYC but now I feel I have in a way. I’m enjoying just going through the pages of pictures on his site. Wow…

Wow, cool channel!

I went to Union Square for the Whole Foods - this is just weird.

I like his locator map.

Awesome, thanks! The peeper call outs are hilarious.

So basically Union Square is like an Oregon DLC pack for New York.

I knew the People of Walmart had to come from somewhere in particular.

Wow. This is fantastic. People watching from the safety of home. Good character studies, too.