Just saw this on AICN:

“Earlier today, when I wrote up the tiny piece about Alfred Molina being confirmed as DR OCTOPUS in THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN”

Alfred Molina is so great. Whether he’s playing the weird coke dealer/Night Ranger fan in Boogie Nights or saying “Throw me the idol, I’ll throw you the whip!” he is one of the best things about every film he is in.

I agree about Molina (I never realized that was him in Raiders though, good catch Ron) but isn’t he sort of interesting choice for Otto Octavius? I hope they aren’t changing the nationality at all, can Molina play a maniacal German with a bowl haircut?

I’m guessing he can. It’ll be somewhere between the bald guy from “Prick Up Your Ears” and the American guy he played on a short-lived sitcom.

From the shots AICN posted in an earlier story, he more than is capable of looking the part - he looks great.

Put up a link Desslock? I refuse to even scan AICN. The font and presentation gives me a headache. Anyway, Doc Ock is by far my favorite Spidey bad guy (I even enjoyed that Universal Studios commercial that featured him and Spidey duking it out on a plane’s wing), so I’m both pleased and curious.

Put up a link Desslock?


I think it’s a good call, too. If the script lets Molina go with it, he could be a great Otto Octavius.

And I love Doc Ock as well. Should be pretty spectacular seeing those metal arms on-screen. Wonder if they’re going to use any comics as templates for the screenplay, as they did with the first movie. There are lots of possibilities. Ock boarded with Aunt May and almost married her. If they use that one maybe then can also work in the Spider-Mobile dune buggy that Johnny Storm whipped up for Spidey around the same issue. Just kidding. And of course, Ock beat up Spider-Man and unmasked him way back around issue 12 of ASM. I can’t see the writers using the Ultimate Ock much, as he’s been really bland in his limited USM appearances. I think the most noteworthy scene was when Spidey dropped Ock’s pants to reveal white briefs.

Oh, my fault, I thought you meant AICN had shots of Molina as Doc Ock. Not Molina as Molina and a shot of a statue comic shops sell of Doc Ock. The result is now I’ve looked upon the AICN fonts and have a headache.


Personally, I wish they could have gotten Roy Orbison to play Doc Oc. But hey, that’s just me.

You know he’s dead, right?

plus he’s a nice guy, not a mean crazy villian man

Actually I think ‘dead’ is enough of a reason…

Molina’s something of a chameleon when it comes to voices, so I don’t think a maniacal German accent is going to be a problem for him.

Is “maniacal German accent” redundant?

Looking good.

Throw me the idol, I throw you the whip!