Amazon 2023 Devices Event - no livestream for you!

September 20th. No livestream, but the big sites will be liveblogging it. Last year we got the Kindle Scribe.

Kindle Watch! It does nothing but tell time, tell when a package has been delivered, and record all your conversations and biometric data 24/7 and upload it silently to Amazon!

It does feel like it’d be too early for new Echo Shows, so I’m putting my hopes on an updated Oasis as one of the reveals.

It also asks you every 30 minutes whether you’d like to reorder X, Y. or Z. “Shall I add that to your cart, daddy?”

Hm, well, if this is true then I expect Echo/Alexa devices will get a big new focus soon. You don’t hire a guy like this to oversee a dwindling product.

The Verge has a nice live blogging thing going on for all the announcements.

I’ll wait for a sale, but the Eero Max 7 may make me upgrade my Eeros and keep this (so far) useless 2.5 Gps from Xfinity (I moved away from AT&T fiber), The Xfinity is useless because the Eeros I have can’t send 2.5 Gps wirelessly (although the router receives internet at that speed)…

The idea of a $600 router is kind of interesting. For that price, it had better last at least 20 years.

It’s a bargain compared to Netgear’s comparable offering:

I’m hoping these releases will bring down the prices of the WiFi 6 models, as I’m looking to upgrade my parents’ mesh network soon.

No livestream because yawn. The only thing in that batch I might get someday is the Fire TV 4K Max thingy, as one of my Fire TV sticks is pretty old.

No new Kindles for you!

I’ve given up on a new Oasis, though I figured since I no longer want one anyway because I’m quite pleased with my Scribe that they’d finally introduce a USB C model with some cool new feature. Nope.

Well, they did have new Kindles. The kids version. Verge said starting at $190 though, so it’s kind of pricey. Still tempting. My kid’s Kindle for Kids is soooooooo slow.

Oh! I didn’t catch that in the Verge coverage.

My son turns 21 on Monday. So I can officially tune out anything to do with children nowadays. :)*

  • Announced he was coming on Qt3 to a flurry of “there goes your gaming time!” responses. My, how time flies.