Amazon Echo - Siri thing from Amazon because their phone bombed


Ooh, that’s nice!

must not be tempted to get one. must not be tempted to get one. must not be tempted to get one


Google has always been able to do that if you let it.


My phone does this. I think it’s the Amazon shopping app.


Yep the phone will send you notifcations also. I just set up my echo’s in the house to allow notifications, they glow yellow when a message is waiting.


My issue with the notifications on Echo is the packages. Seems like I get notified every time someone in the warehouse touches the package.

Or maybe I order too much stuff from Amazon.


This kinda feels like it belongs in the “What Could Possibly Go Wrong” thread. “Alexa, tell Cortana del /F /Q C:\*”


“Alexa, tell Cortana I do not want to use fucking Bing.”


So say we all


I think Windows is getting the bargain in this one. The only reason Cortana is not disabled on this machine is I think they removed the easy way to do that with some update.


If you right click the Cortana icon on your task bar you can hide it. :)


Yeah I’ve worked my way around it, but remember when they had a slip on/off slider and then they just… took it away with some bs reason. Now compare that to Amazon where I chose to deal with Alexa… that’s a big difference.


Never did I want a like button more than right now.



“Our evil microphone is non-negotiable!”


The cube is pretty pitiful. Maybe they should focus on what they’ve already released.


All this and more


I bought and Echo Plus and Dot last month and have been pretty pleased with them. I wonder if the Echo Input will work with a PC, if it does, the PC which already is connected to a good set of speakers, can be turned into an extension of Alexa.


x8 New Echo entries.

This is known as over-branding, and it’s taught in just about any college level marketing class. It runs the danger of adding confusion to potential customers.

I wish them well.


There’s also this wall clock, which displays your Alexa timer statuses, which I admit I’m sorta interested in (also sync’s the time like an atomic clock would):


Yeah I had a coworker come up to me and ask, “Hey I know you have one, which Alexa do I get?”

Even I struggled to tell him which model he actually needed. That is not the fulfillment of the KISS principle by their product team.