Amazon Echo - Siri thing from Amazon because their phone bombed


I couldn’t focus on what she was saying, due to her robot voice. And it frequently quit/crashed which meant we had to keep starting the skill again :/


Oh that’s too bad. She never crashed on me, but long-term Alexa voice is just not… pleasant. I don’t want her as a story teller.


Hopefully we’ll some of the new voice options you can use with their Polly service. I’m somewhat partial to Naja and Dóra myself. They only provide 10 voice samples on the main Polly page, but it looks like devs actually have access to 46 voice IDs.

The game stuff is kind of interesting but probably still way too early to be more than a novelty IMO. I think I linked to an interactive mystery adventure game upthread, which was OK.

Would be kind of cool to see console/PC games start taking advantage existing AIs like Alexa. I wonder what that would look like.


I want a british female accented Alexa. I always turn Siri, Google, etc, to the british female accent. I find it soothing, yet alluring.


You’re in luck! Settings > Device > [Device name] > Language > English (United Kingdom).


Nice! I feel more cultured already. Now I have to figure out how to get her to say “Jaguar”.


Can I change her name? My wife’s name is Alexis and the Echo Dot is driving her insane.


Yes you can change your wife’s name. :)


I suggest “Susanne”.


It’s under Settings in the phone app, you can change it to Amazon or Echo. Changed mine to Echo and want to see what happens if I queue up an episode of Dollhouse


OMG Clay played right into the ambiguous antecedent trap!


It’s kind of obnoxious that Amazon doesn’t let you change her name to whatever you want actually.


That’s one of my main complaints. Sometimes the TV triggers Alexa, usually with “electric”. I want to change it to something like “Gorgon”.


I changed Alexa to British as well. Asked her to pronounce “soldering iron”. Confirmed, she’s British.


So if I get an Amazon DOT, do I get a British Alexa?



I like the British accent for now. She can speak German too.

So I tried to use the Alec Baldwin voice alarm but she doesn’t play his voice. There’s something I’m missing.


Ask her how many Oscar’s he’s won. Edit: oops, they removed the joke. She would start to report zero, and then he cut in and told her to stop.


Not really Amazon Echo, but the Google knock-off, Google Home. Some guy set up a pair of them and has been live-streaming them talking/arguing with each other.


Marital strife!

Interesting strategy


I’m more excited about Alexa in cars than two arguing bots.