Amazon Echo - Siri thing from Amazon because their phone bombed


I thought this wand was a parody, but it’s a real thing. Trump is President and Amazon has a dish wand you talk to. Craziness abounds.


I have succeeded in getting one person to believe it is a dish wand. My work here is done.


If I had a Dot, or an Echo, I wouldn’t be thinking about it. It’s the ‘what would I gain from having Alexa packaged into this Wand thingy?’ that I’m wondering about.


Huge Alexa fan here… don’t understand the dash wand at all. If I have a phone, and pretty much everyone does, it too can read a barcode. We don’t have Fresh here either. I have a dot and an Echo as well…


I have been using my bedroom Echo as a dedicated alarm clock for almost a month now. I very much like its alarm sound, it wakes me without being offensive to my ears.


Me too. It’s great as an alarm clock. I use it for that, a clock, the weather report, and sometimes to play music. It’s a Dot so the sound isn’t that great. We have a Sonos we normally use. Sonos has promised Alexa integration this year so I’m looking forward to that.


Dots are currently $40, btw.


If the idea is just to have an even cheaper Dot, then I guess it makes sense, but it seems overengineered for the purpose. The whole “buy with a button/barcode” functionality has no appeal to me.


It’s not a Dot; it’s battery-powered and you need to press a button to talk to it.

The thing supports alexa because it had wifi access already and what the hell, why not add a microphone? Remember all the processing is done on Amazon’s end, so supporting Alexa adds very little to the device’s complexity or BOM while making it much sexier to consumers.


I know it’s not a Dot. I’m just saying the only things it does that I’m interested in are things the Dot does, and it’s cheaper than a Dot, so in that way alone it makes sense.


You want to pick up a phallus-shaped object and press a button every time you need to ask Alexa to turn on the lights?


No, but if I were super price conscious and didn’t already have a Dot there, I might get one for the kitchen and just hang it off a hook. 90% of what I use the dot for is conversions and timers as it is.


But the beauty of having a dot in the kitchen is you can set timers and whatnot when your hands are busy or dirty!

I guess if you were super price conscious, and didn’t own a smartphone. Maybe.


Funny, that is exactly why I bought the wand, less the hands free option of course. Since its free and gives me alexa access from my kitchen, why not?


You have to push something on the wand right? I mean if my hands are full of meatloaf… don’t want to touch anything.


Yep. It has a battery, so it can’t be always on. Which limits its usefulness considerably.

Of course it is free.


Ill just poke it with a stick. Problem solved. Or wash my hands, maybe?



C’mon Sonos! Anyone with a Sonos and an Echo (like me) has been waiting for this. What’s taking so long?


It’s pretty annoying, isn’t it? Though in fairness to Sonos, at their February 8, 2017 announcement of the integration they did only say “2017”. Beta was supposed to be in early 2017. I’d love to get in on that, but haven’t heard anything yet.