Amazon Echo - Siri thing from Amazon because their phone bombed


I agree–if the speaker is good then it is worth $100, although–does it need to be plugged in all the time? That is a slight negative if you want the portability around the house/deck or for travel. I have the Logitech portable mini-boombox or whatever it’s called that wirecutter recommended a while back.


AFIAK this needs to be plugged into a power source all the time.


That’s right, it does. It is not battery-operated.


It would be nice if it could operate on battery with the voice feature disabled (since listening mode = draining mode), but I know that’s not how Amazon wants to roll.


Watching the video, the thing is a lot smaller than I thought it was. Given its size, I’m very skeptical of the sound quality.


Oh so, this is Amazon’s next money-burning project? Awesome, complete with awkward use case video.


I got an invite to buy one at $99. Hmmmm


Do I have to charge Echo?
No. Echo is always on, uses wall power, and doesn’t need to be charged.

That’s an interesting way of spinning “can’t be used without mains power”.


Got my availability notice today and placed an order; should get it on Wednesday. Should be interesting to see; I don’t really have a bluetooth speaker setup (nearly bought one of those new Bose ones, which I suspect has better sound range) but pretty curious about Echo.

— Alan


Ordered one, too, mainly for the BT speaker capability and as a hands-free kitchen timer.

I feel there’s little risk with at least trying it out. Amazon has an excellent return policy.


I feel there’s little risk with at least trying it out. Amazon has an excellent return policy.

True enough. Without that, I’d definitely wait until the reviews are in. Even if the Amazon tech side of it works as well as it could, there’s no guarantee the audio quality is going to be any good.


Got my $99 Echo yesterday. Pretty neat. I have an open floor plan, so I can have it in the kitchen and it covers most of my apartment. I can listen to prime music and iHeart radio, set timers, do simple searches, etc. all with voice commands. Audio quality is very good. Top end volume is very loud and clear as a bell. Also, volume is defined by 1-10, so it is easy to set it vocally. The top also acts as a volume dial.

Not really necessary, but nice.


This does look like a neat product just to have sitting around the kitchen. I’m trying to resist in the hope that Google will produce something similar, since I’m all in w/ Google Play music, etc. It seems like a no brainer type of product for them to offer.


I’ve been using it works weeks, mostly as a music device, quick way to ask wikipdia a question, as a clock and to add things to the app list. It’s a fun little toy, works well and seems to have some learning aspect to it like Dragon maybe.


The rock music was awesome.

Man, I want one now.


Great music device and for quick searches.
Voice activation is the key.
However, it really shows how a device with limited interactive capabilities becomes more like an appliance and less like a singularity device.
Also, very easy to add embarrassing things to someone’s to-do list when thye are not in the room. or by grabbing the remote, since it can be used by any voice.

“Alexa, add ‘French tickler’ to my to-do list”
“Alexa, add ‘cheat on wife’ to my to-do list.”


I’m enjoying mine quite a bit too. Check out “flash news briefing” as a command. It has recorded headlines/stories from BBC read in a real voice and not by Alexa. It’s quite done and you can configure the categories it covers.


Drunk Review


I was watching [I]2001[/I] and asked Alexa to open the pod bay door. She gave an appropriate, witty response.

My biggest criticism with the Echo is the music audio quality. It’s mediocre compared to other BT speaker products. There’s very little bass.

Because you know I’m all about that bass, 'bout that bass, no treble.


I requested an invite, because this sounds like a really fun 100$ gadget to mess with.