Amazon Echo - Siri thing from Amazon because their phone bombed


But the lights in my ceiling are wired into a switch! I don’t use those standalone lights like they do in the Sims. Put on ceiling, save space!




Just in case you’re worried about what your Echo might be hearing/recording…take a look!


Amazon sent me an email encouraging me to trade in my Echo for a newer model (here’s the link, though I’m unsure if it’s available for everyone or a limited thing). They’re apparently giving you a gift card based on the condition of your old Echo, plus 25% off the newer model. They’re probably not going to make much off the sale of the new model after all that, so I suppose they’re mostly trying to get people to get onto the latest technology.


I love this thread. It’s 4 years old, and it’s starting article is dismissive initially of a device that has conquered the earth, or at least come close enough that there is a SNL skit about its omnipresence.

Its like reading an article headline from 1904 that says, “Auto-mobiles? Don’t sell your buggy!”

Or “Westinghouse has some electrical tech that will never compete with Edison!”


That’s interesting because it’s not like they need to put the latest ARM CPU in it or anything. All the computational power is in the cloud. The teardowns show that the Echo itself is nothing really fancy, tech-wise. I’m not sure why Amazon is doing this.


Big fan of the Echo here. I saw zero reason to get the new one. It’s just not worth it. If they came me a way to hook it up to my receiver. I would have considered it.


Anyone tried the version of the echo with a built-in hub for smart home devices? Echo Plus, it’s called. I couldn’t get smart plugs and bulbs to work properly with my Echo Dot but I think that was because they kept losing wifi connectivity. Maybe the hub component would work better.


I use TP-link and WEMO with my Echo and my dot. TP-Link has worked best so far. I did not pick up an Echo Plus because it’s not truly a smart-hub, and for a 50 dollar premium, it should have been, or I guess more correctly, reviews said it didn’t work the way it should for that.


I wouldn’t use the Echo Plus for its Home Automation–from browsing the HA subreddits it seems to have been put in as an afterthought. Better support would be going with something dedicated.


Not worth it to bother with the Plus, sounds like…thanks!


This was my take on the Plus (posted upthread some weeks ago):

A month and some change later, I still have it and it’s fine. Not using it for the Hue stuff, and still not sure if the sound is really that much better to make it worth the extra $.


I use a Smartthings hub and the integration has worked well.


Why should you even need a hub with the Echo. it should be a hub by itself. That’s where they need to go with this thing.


Well, the echo plus is exactly that. You need a couple radios to work as a hub to handle all the various protocols with names like Zigbee and Z-wave for IOT devices that don’t work over wifi, which is a lot of them.


It doesn’t really work that way… which is pretty much what every review has said. It can’t handle Hue, one of the largest smart device lines of products out there.


Actually technically, Phillips Hue bulbs do connect over Zigbee and some controllers like Samsung Smartthings can control them, kinda. But Phillips messed with their connectivity so only their bridge really works consistently. So the only way to handle Hue bulbs properly is to buy Phillips’ bridge, because they wanted it that way, to look users into their ecosystem.


I’m sure all the reviewers are wrong. Everyone can get rid of all the Samsung, Phillips and various other hubs and be just fine with the Echo Plus all by itself. And by reviewers, I don’t just mean the technical and professional ones. the users also expressed their dissatisfaction with the limitations of this device.


Your response makes total sense, as it is clear you read my post before responding to it.


It’s not just Hue. That was an example. You can read the reviews to see where all the other problems are… you know, where they say some of this stuff appeared to be an afterthought.