Amazon Echo - Siri thing from Amazon because their phone bombed


Yeah, the speaker is on par with the Dot, which would be a big step down for me if it were to replace my living room Echo Plus. So now two reasons to have two Echos in one room. That sems kind of silly, and the wake word problem is annoying. I’m reconsidering my pre-order now.


Well, when your TV is on it’ll play through your TV speakers, or soundbar, or whatever, which will certainly sound better than the regular Echo. So the real impact would be if you want to listen to music with the TV off.


Yeah, I thought about that – music through my TV (and to the connected soundbar) would sound superior to any Echo device.

Problem is, when I’m at home I have music going constantly on all my Echos, and (A) don’t want the TV to be on all the time (which I presume would be the case) and (B) I want the music to be in sync across the whole house.

Just doesn’t seem like Amazon is really considering the customers who use the multi-room feature a lot and in their living rooms.


You can still hook it up to a bluetooth speaker, which are very cheap now, and will sound just fine. The full-size echo really doesn’t have a great speaker.


Well I pre-ordred mine. I don’t know what I will do with it yet, exactly, but that was the same way I felt when I got the echo. I’d say it would replace the echo dot I have except… it doesn’t have the 3.5mm output. I’m going to wind up with two amazon devices in one room which is… dumb.


Multi-Room Music is incompatible with Bluetooth, although I could use the Plus’ 3.5mm output. Not sure how seamless that would be when the soundbar is also used by the TV, and I don’t want to set up a second speaker in the room. And then I’d still have two Echos in one room and two different different wake words.


For those looking for a good deal on the Echo 2, you can get two of them shipped from Macy’s for $130. Thats $65 a unit!


You can also get an Echo + Echo Dot bundle for $99.98 now.


Echo Dot fabric cases are half off, costing only five bucks, which seems about right. I have one and actually like it, makes the dot look less cheap/techy.


I never really understood why they came out with this product line with the exciting color selection of at least two different shades of brown.

Still a good price though.


I have the indigo fabric and it is quite fetching. The midnight blue pleather is also on sale for six bucks.


My Fire TV Cube just shipped and should arrive on Thursday. Decided to connect it to the bedroom TV instead, where it’s somewhat isolated and won’t disrupt my multi-room music much. The compromise is I watch less TV in there and only for workouts, so I won’t be enjoying the full benefits of voice-controlled TV, and since it will still be sharing space with the bedroom Echo which I use for alarms and sleep sounds, the Cube will still need to have a unique name.


Um, yeah, I don’t want a device that I don’t even own or control listening in when I’m in a hotel room…does anyone??


A few months ago I stayed in a Bed & Breakfast that had them in all the rooms. Loved it. But then, I’m already an Echo owner and don’t mind the “always listening” thing.


Mine shipped too! I can’t decide yet where to put it. It won’t work with my soundbar, that’s optical. It should work with my receiver, and aside from my workphone, i don’t put listening devices in my office.

I can see the concern, but I don’t know I would avoid a room with it in it. If Disney Resorts had them, the few hours late at night I spent there would be fun to use it.


If I see one I will unplug it. Simple.


You asked!


That should work, I doubt they’ll put locks on the power cables.

Are you sure your sound bar doesn’t also have analog? My VIZIO SB3821-C6 has both. I connected my Echo Plus to it for a couple of weeks, but went back to the built-in speaker because the sleep mode got annoying, and because I didn’t like having to switch inputs each time I wanted to watch TV.


It also works with bluetooth speakers.


It definitely has Bluetooth, it might have a mini audio input too. I’ll have to play around with it a bit. I don’t like the bluetooth set-ups as much because they kept turning off on me. I’d love to have it in my office, but because of the work I do, I really need something that i manually turn on and off during working hours. the Fire TV have the mic on the remotes and you activate them. It’d be nice to be able to just turn on and off active listening.