Amazon Echo - Siri thing from Amazon because their phone bombed


You say that like I don’t have one… but I do.


Since you already have a normal kitchen timer with a visual interface, and you’re happy with that, I can see why the clock might not appeal. Me, the only device I have in the kitchen is the Echo, and when I’m cooking I don’t want to have to wake up a smart phone or tablet, and I don’t like having to ask the Echo, “how much time is left on X timer?” The idea of having something I can simply glance over at to see how much time is left on each Echo timer intrigues me. I’ll have to see video of the clock in action, though.


You never know. it could be worthwhile. My kitchen timer allows me to set two times with a limit of basically 99 hours. The clock looks like it’s visually limited to one timer with the max of 60 second increments it can fit around the face of a clock…

Having said that, when the original Echo came out, there were a lot of people out there making fun of the earlier adopters, me included, but it turned out to be something pretty cool. I am happy to be proven wrong about the usefulness of the clock and the improvement of the input over the dot for that matter. I’ll get the input eventually and just find out. The Dot is not connected to my receiver… I didn’t like it. I don’t like the dot much at all actually.


I love the 2nd gen dot, except for the terrible speaker. Sounds like the 3rd gen speaker is comparable to the google home mini, which is a huuuuge improvement.


My order said it’s second generation. The speaker is horrific. It sure would be nice if Amazon would actually do model numbers or make it clearer what the model number is without having to look it up all the time. I sent it back twice to get one that didn’t sound like a broken 1990s robot. It’s so cheaply made it’s kind of sad.


Yes, the third gen was just announced today. It looks different, cloth rather than cheap plastic.


I bet there’s gonna be some people with naturally scratchy-sounding voices that get really tired of Alexa offering them cough medicine.


Hey girl, it sounds like you might be pregnant! Congratulations! Mom and Dad are just learning this from me now, but I’m sure they will be thrilled. Shall I send your boyfriend a fruit basket, on sale today only?


I recently picked up a UE ROLL 2 for my Dot 2nd gen, so that I can hear it in the shower. Pairing is automatic when you power the device on, and it has a long range. But the Alexa app, on both my phone and on the computer, can’t see it. Anyone have trouble pairing a bluetooth speaker with a Dot gen 2 before? My phone (outside the Alexa app) can pair with the speaker just fine.


Bah, it was because the Dot was attached to my multi-room music setup. Forgot that that makes bluetooth speaker connections not possible. Super annoying.


My Dot woke me up at 5am yesterday by announcing the time, playing some Western-sounding MIDI, and then creepily laughing after I told it to stop… and repeating again 5 minutes later. It’s been unplugged since and I’ll be replacing it with a Google Home device.


Maybe it’s a Halloween Easter egg.


That sounds like a prank. Do you have a skill installed or something?


No. The laughing specifically they claimed was a bug back in the spring of it mishearing someone saying “laugh” instead of “lights” and that they’d fixed it. Except I was asleep, and the command history showed nothing. So yea, they’ve broken the trust I gave by bringing Echo devices into my home and they’re all going to get the boot.


I find that Alexa and Spotify does not work reliably enough. The app showed that Alexa captured what was asked, for instance “play ultimate playlist” but sometimes Spotify plays that exact playlist but often she ends up playing some song called Ultimate something. Very frustrating!


Sounds like you’ve already made your mind up about what to do, but FWIW I do recall there were similar instances reported by some people last spring and that it was addressed. Not seeing anything recent about it in the subreddit, so it’s got to be a super rare bug. Definitely not a normal/common occurrence.


Maybe his Dot is haunted? Scary to think about that…


After posting last night, I thought about it some more and realized that had this happened to me – getting woken up at 5am by something crazy and spooky that I didn’t believe I’d ever opted into like that – I’d have been pretty pissed too.

But still, it’s got to be an outlier. Sorry that happened, LockerK.


Thanks. I’ve thought about it as well and decided to contact customer service and see what they say before making my decision.

Of course, last night the full-sized Echo woke me up with a cheerful “Hello!” so I’ll probably be murdered before then.


That’s pretty strange. I’ve never had that before. That would be creepy.