Amazon Echo - Siri thing from Amazon because their phone bombed


My old boss who is now some kind of big wig in the division that made Echo told me to say “Alexa I farted”.
I have not tried it yet.


I just received my Prime invite to purchase. For $99, and now that Amazon offers Prime Music to subscribers, I’m tempted to move the Sonos to the living room and pick this up for the kitchen.


It’s hard to imagine this thread is in hardware and technical stuff. I can see right now I’m going to have to spend more time in this part of the forum.


Just tried it. I’m not sure what I expected.


Yeah. Not as good as I hoped. Her jokes are far better and they are terrible.


I received my $99 Echo in the mail today. I didn’t have much time with it, but I did perform initial setup onto our home wifi. I tested out adding things to a shopping list, that syncs to the list on the Echo app, and it worked as advertised. Nearly instant sync.

So then my kids (9 and 6 1/2) quickly learned to talk to the Echo. Here’s my shopping list 3 minutes after they got the hang of it:


I like your kids’ sense of humor.


This is so weird! I have the same list. EXACTLY. KEY LIME POOP!


I’m pretty sure ‘Chianti’ is the result of attempting to parse my daughter’s request to add TNT.


Hahahha, that is the best. Thanks for sharing, mono.


I just got my $99 echo too though I haven’t taught my kids about the shopping list, and now I don’t think I will. Pretty neat device. Smaller than I expected. Still messing around with it. I like the commute traffic feature.


I thought you were another pretentious cannibal off his meds but it’s good to hear that was just your daughter’s trend towards anarchy.


I deeply regret teaching my gf’s teenage daughter how to get it to play music off Amazon Prime. She’s into death metal.


She sounds awesome.

They’ve been adding lots of features to this lately. Most notably, it now connects to your Google calendar so you can schedule appointments.


Available to anyone. Apparently they decided they $180 is a reasonable price. I disagree, but I bet they don’t care. Perhaps they [I]do[/I] care exactly what stusser expects for $180, even if they couldn’t give him what he wanted at the $200 price point.


I don’t regret paying $99 for mine at all. $180 might have been a harder sell.


Oh - saw it and assumed it was still $99. $180 makes it much less interesting to me.


Holy cow. What does it do now that is worth twice as much as when it was released?


Quite a bit more, but not $100 more. Here is a list of the key features. Also, there are a bunch of recipes from IFTTT (IF This Then That).

For example, there is a recipe to call my cell phone when I can’t find it - handy since I have a habit of leaving my phone in unexpected places.


I’m not really seeing anything that interesting here. It can play music, check sports scores, reorder Amazon stuff, check traffic, etc. All things I already can do on my phone. Except controlling some Phillips stuff I don’t have. I’m not sure I’d pay $99 for it, much less double, at this point.