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Wondering if anyone has used Amazon’s digital delivery system? It seems to be Steam-like and allows you to re-download at will…just never used it before. My plan it is to grab a game but I would like to put it on 2 computers-It seems that that would be fine but never having used it, just wanted to know if someone had some experience with it.

I have used it and it doesn’t have any problems downloading to multiple computers. I don’t remember the specifics, but I didn’t have any problems with it at all.

Based on my limited experience, you should have no problems doing what you are trying to do.

The system is more like D2D or GG, IIRC: it has a separate app for downloading games, then you run the installer manually; your product keys are e-mailed to you as well as stored within your Amazon account if you need to look them up. It isn’t an integrated client like Steam or Impulse, so in that sense it’s more primitive.

That said, AFAIK there’s no limit on how often or where you can re-download your games; and there’s no DRM on the install files so you can archive or back them up so you don’t have to re-download them.

Cool…thanks for taking care of my concerns. I figured it was probably fine, but just needed some input from actual users.

Sorry for the bump, but has anyone who’s used the standalone Amazon Games and Software downloader tell me how in the world I’m supposed to launch it in a manner so that I can select what I want to download through it? It seems to only be designed to pick whatever was the last software you bought, rather than anything else. If I just click “Download” from the site, it downloads its own small throwaway client, rather than go through the Amazon Games and Software Downloader. Not to mention, when installing it, it only prompts for downloading the most recently puchased item, rather than letting me pick from my past purchases. Its rather annoying.

I had such horrendous problems with Dragon Age: Origins ultimate that after it would error on install after two separate massive downloads I had to return it and get my money back. I’d rather have had the wasted time (I think out was like 11GB each time I had to download, and I wasn’t going to sit through it a third time). Haven’t tried them again since, tho I absolutely trust them for so much else.

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Unfortunately, they got rid of the download app for games, as you noted, Ellis. The way they had it back in the spring let you at least pick the spot to download to. Now it downloads to the desktop willy-nilly, so if your C: drive is too full, well, too bad so sad. It kinda sucks. I had a whole issue with them back in October–I had to download Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood 3 freaking times before I got a set of install files that didn’t have a problem (8GB each time, BTW)–they don’t have a “verify integrity of game cache” thing like Steam does, where it can just download one file. They have some killer deals, no question, but they really need to work on their delivery system.

Actually… you could have downloaded it through Origin like I did instead of Amazon’s thing. I had no errors, as expected of a dedicated client, while downloading, and managed to get everything authenticated and running :)

Now I’m just wondering if there’s a client out there that would accept my amazon retail code for The Witcher Director’s cut :/

Bah just add the key code to STEAM and forget their downloader app.

Obviously that’s the way to go with a Steamworks game, but it’s not possible with everything.

I ended up missing the end of the Steam deal on LA Noire so went ahead and took up Amazon’s matching price today. Of course the process sucks, just like the one other time I downloaded from them. Hours and hours later and its still not done. I’m pretty sure they must have a single source for their downloaded games, as opposed to Steam setting up multiple servers, because as with the previous time the download speeds are horribly slow in comparison. And as was the case with that previous game, they won’t give me a workable serial number that Steam will accept until after I’m done downloading. I tried the one they gave me at purchase and Steam won’t accept it.

I love Amazon for a lot of good stuff, but this is just so bad I can’t understand why they haven’t fixed it.

Is LA Noire a Steamworks game? Otherwise I’m wondering why you’d think Steam would allow you to enter the Amazon serial number.

I agree that the Amazon game downloader has its problems, although I downloaded and installed the Saboteur with no issues a couple nights ago.

LA Noire is not Steamworks.

Why do you say it has to be a Steamworks title? I’ve done several games from different sites including off a retail game DVD and they work fine. As far as I can tell if its sold on STEAM they let you put the key in and activate it.

no, that’s not the case at all and you are under the wrong impression.

there’s a small list

The download finally finished during the night. And no, it won’t associate with Steam at all.

Exactly. If it’s not on that list or a Steamworks title, there’s no downloading it from Steam.

I only mentioned the Steam thing because a) the previous game was a Steamworks title and Amazon made me download it before giving me the serial # and b) I figured someone would suggest I try seeing if the number I got would work on Steam, so I was just pointing out that I’d already tried that.

Hmm, curious. What game was that? I ask because I picked up Deus Ex: Human Revolution yesterday, and by simply clicking on the “I want to download it later” Amazon link, then going to My Digital Items: Games and Software Library, I got the S/N right there on the page, which I then entered in Steam.