Amazon Game Studios loves Twitch (Breakaway, New World, Crucible)

The threat of being griefed was one of the best things about UO. A fantasy world with friends, monsters, villains and foes.

But now there are too many games on offer, so the griefing population would be a much higher % compared to ‘careabears’ so as to make it impossible.

I like the threat of being griefed out there, and knowing that certain areas are more dangerous than others…

I’ve always enjoyed the ‘danger around every corner’ feeling of open ffa pvp. Mostly stopped playing WoW when open world pvp died. I do enjoy when there are mechanics in place to reduce repeated ganking, but I still miss true open world pvp. Fond memories of trying to level in the frontier for bonus xp at the risk of enemies, or Darkness Falls, or Darktide, so many fun times.

Also I typically didn’t mind going solo in games even when they tend to be towards groups. I considered it a victory to pick off a single player in a group and try to get away or simply to stay hidden until the whole group had left.

I only ever played Asheron’s Call as open ffa pvp. It was a great game. Definitely the most frightening horror game I’ve ever played. Every encounter with another player was truly scary in a way no other game I’ve played has ever captured.

So the FFA PVP or nothing crowd won’t like this, and PVE and no PVP won’t either so… Amazon is making a game no one wants. I’m sure it will turn out great then.

Ding ding ding :)

Well shit, in that case they should double-down and make it a Stadia exclusive.

Nah, its just the normal people complaining because a game isn’t exactly how they want it. Honestly, this seems like one that could potentially become really interesting and big.

I am very interested right now and will probably purchase it to join the beta.

IMHO people who love FFA PVP are a small but vocal minority.

Well it’s not really this because they never lifted the NDA. The people talking about it don’t really have much experience with the game or can’t share it. There are number who have had actual experience with it, the PVP problem was 100% predictable.

The ganking problem has been following MMOs around for years. I am not sure why every new game has to pretend like they don’t know that.