Amazon Go - the future of retail?


Amazon since those Boston Dynamics dog robots after you to kick your ass.


That was my point. If you watch shoppers buying fruit in a grocery store, they’re extremely picky. I personally can’t buy avocados until I squeeze them. Not too firm, not too squishy. :)

And then there’s the environmental impact of prepackaging fruit in individual containers. Seems like a horrendous amount of waste.


There’s a huge backlash about that kind of packaging in the UK.


The backlash there is more about the price than the packaging, but yes, sometimes there is an environmentally related backlash, as in the coconut example. A sizeable proportion of the time, however, customers seem to favour convenience, and I don’t see why that wouldn’t be how Amazon does it. Maybe with non-plastic containers, but still.


Read “kick” there initially as “lick” and was very confused.


Maybe that type of store is a later project.


It was about time something was done about that last, single bit of human interaction left during my life in the big city. I hope earphones will be mandatory so customers can’t communicate by mistake.


He’s a good dog, Adam.


Well as much as stores make a big deal about customer theft, employee theft is often pretty bad. I worked at a factory and sometimes I would go in warehouse, just boxes ripped open and bags just taken out of them.


What about twins?



That’s not a fair criticism. Sonic opened up a store here and it was a 2 hour a line for weeks because it was new… something different. It will die down as a novelty and the question is, will it be an ongoing worthy experience.


Yeah, exactly. This is a pilot store. You have to extrapolate opening a bunch more to spread that around, and also the novelty factor.


I just thought it was funny, so I shared it here.


You mean I need to wait in line for “fast” food like Chick-fil-a when a new store opens up? NOT SO FAST IS IT???


Sonic? Isn’t that a low-end west-coast fast-food joint?


And what exactly is your high end fast food joint?

Keep in mind, fast casual is not fast food, they’re different categories.


Well, Shake Shack and In-n-out would qualify. Five Guys too, and Chipotle. But my understanding was Sonic was lower-end than Micky D’s. I’ve never actually been to one as they don’t exist on the east coast and if I’m on the west, I’m going to In-n-out. Actually, I’m going to a real local taqueria, but if I’m forced to get fast food, In-n-out.


Oh In-N-Out. We got that too, also 2 hour lines for months… still kind long because N. CA and not Portland OR come here for it. Is that somehow… better?


No, I wouldn’t wait in line 2 hours for a free steak at Peter Luger’s. But waiting to pay full price for low-end fast food is particularly inexplicable.