Amazon Hardware Event - September 28

From the article - this event will not be livestreamed by Amazon, so we’ll have to watch old-school live blogs.

I look forward to hearing about the self-warming coffee cup with cameras and built-in Alexa. Or maybe a box fan with Alexa?

I was interested in the robot, not because I would buy one, but just to see if it had some potential. Seems like they just paid a bunch of influencers to act like they are really great and then I never heard about it again.

This has started. Live blog available at Amazon hardware event 2022: Live coverage | Engadget

Some leaks -

Scribe is $339.99 and will launch “in time for the holidays.”

I don’t see why the old devices couldn’t do Luna, it’s just streaming video. They’re probably talking local gaming.

Halo Rise - sleep tracker and light bar thingy. No cameras. Alexa compatible.


$139.99 “later this year” with six months of “Halo membership,” whatever that means.

Also a new Echo Studio with improved audio. $199.99 next month.

New and improved Echo Dot and Echo Dot with Clock. More bass and larger speaker. Better display and apparently the new Echo line will have Eero tech to serve as WiFi extenders. That’s pretty cool.

I guess we’re not getting a new Kindle Oasis since we’re through the Kindle section.

I do like the idea of a Kindle with a pen…but Amazon is not good at software (IMO) so I am not sure I should get my hopes up.

Do people use Kindles for textbooks? I guess a pen would be useful there. I’d just use an iPad though.

I’m kinda surprised Amazon hasn’t released a color Kindle yet, personally. Color e-ink has been available for like a decade now.

The main problem on the textbook side is the size of the Kindle screen and graphics. If it is a full page (like the 12.9 inch iPad) then yes, using a textbook with a Kindle app is OK for just about every subject.

That new Kindle sorta interests me, as I’ve been eyeing the reMarkable 2.

Meanwhile, the new echoes will double as mesh extenders, assuming you have Eero.

The key to that new Kindle device is whether it will support Microsoft OneNote and sync across devices. It really doesn’t need full Office365 support.

OneNote support would be amazing. But I think if it supported it, Amazon (and Microsoft) would have been shouting that from the rooftops.

They did say that Office365 support in some form would come down the road…

I didn’t see that, the Verge article I read just mentioned a button in Word to send to the Kindle. Whoopee.

I like the pen idea, but Kindle screen is too small to use comfortably. They should just add pen capabilty to the Kindle app so one can use a large tablet to write notes on texts. (Does this even exist? It never occurred to me to use the pen on my Tab S8 for this. Would be awesome for research.

This new Kindle has the same screen as a regular iPad, so that shouldn’t be an issue.

The Kindle iPad app doesn’t support a stylus for writing or highlighting.

Well, I guess we’re getting the Scribe instead of an updated Oasis. :-( Maybe a stealth Oasis update, one can hope?

If not, might try the Scribe, as a larger screen reader might be nice. Probably would lose the pen form non-use if my Apple Pencil is any indication.

I’ve been vaguely interested in a writable e-ink tablet for a while, but each of them seems to have some weakness. And frankly, the bigger 10-inch firm factor is one of them. I like my little 1st-gen (I think?) paperwhite, and if I could write on it, especially in OneNote, that would be aces, but I know it’s a pipe dream. I guess I’ll be keeping an eye on this when it releases to see some hands-on reviews by folks who have used the existing ones on the market, too.