(Amazon) Is there a way to change default delivery instructions?

They always deliver to the wrong door. Is there a way I can put a note in Amazon to change this?

I’d put a note on the door itself, but I don’t expect the Amazon drivers to more than throw it on a flat surface near any door.

I used the extra line in the address field to note (Green Door Mat) to try and get the deliverers to leave our packages on the green door mat. It was mostly successful.

If you go to your Address book titled Your Addresses, you can actually add delivery instructions to any of the addresses you have:



And that doesn’t have to be per order.

I make no promises about anyone actually following the instructions though.

Side door isn’t an option. If I mark back door do you think they’ll figure out the back yard is inaccessible and leave it at side door?

Maybe say “Back door” in the delivery instructions and then put up a sign or two with arrows leading the way?