Amazon Luna Game Streaming

$5.99 a month (introductory price). $50 for the controller.

“It’s not clear when Luna will launch widely, but it will initially be available on PC, Mac, Fire TV, and iPhone and iPad (via web apps), with an Android version planned for after launch“

Official trailer.

US only. The Uplay±ish streaming could be interesting.

I give them credit, the price is right for Early Access. I couldn’t care less about the Twitch integration, and Amazon’s track record in gaming gives me pause. But this seems like the right way to go vs. the Stadia model.

Dead on areival

Interesting - so their model is to change a flat monthly fee per channel ( I notice Ubisoft games will be it’s own channel w/ its own pricing tier)? I guess it makes sense to ape the Cable TV model here but I wonder if this is actually any better than what Stadia does.

Dear game devs, prepare for the full spotifying of your once beloved and lucrative medium. May god help you.

If instead we get a Netflixitation, it could be very good for many mid-size studios.

It all depends on the willingness of the streaming providers to compete adopting a lot of exclusive content.

The sooner game streaming takes over, the better. My backlog could already outlive me 10 times over. The moment the industry stops making new games that I can own is the moment I stop caring about new games. I might actually finish Wasteland 1, let alone 2 and 3. Plus, imagine the money I’ll save… Go, Amazon Luna! And Google Stadia! And Microsoft XCloudinator or whatever!!!


Sounds like something Dr. Doofenshmirtz would use to take try and take over the Tri-State area.

What games are they going to include? Are the games running on the servers on Windows or Linux or something else?

If I could clip the controller onto my phone it would be nice.

Starting to think I should give up on my love for Steam. They are going to get left behind as gaming shifts to streaming/subscriptions. You would think they would be releasing something to compete with all these services.

Streaming’s still the brave new frontier. Subs on the other hand…

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I gotta hand it to them, this seems like the perfect time to be getting into cloud gaming.

I’m guessing this is your new jam, @Mellified?

Sounds like it might actually solve for users rather than being an expensive toy (ahem, Stadia), from skimming the article so far. I dunno, I could see it.

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Yeah, there’s no way it’s going to go to, um, sequel?