Amazon making a Jack Ryan series with Michael Bay starring John Krasinski

Guess he needs to rescue Pam.

The show is not a direct adaptation of the books as were the first Jack Ryan movies but a new contemporary take on the character in his prime as a CIA analyst/operative using the novels as source material.

I don’t understand this at all. It’s like the NewKirk Jack Ryan movie. I have no idea who it was made for. Certainly not fans of the books, because it wasn’t based on any book. It was written as a spec script, bought by Paramount, and adapted to become a “Jack Ryan” movie.

If it’s Bay then it sounds like it will be bastardized into some 24/Jack Baur action fest.

I predict he will continue his stream of pure crap:

He’s like the Adam Sandler of action films except Sandler has actually done some decent stuff since 1996.

Bay’s production company is also responsible for Black Sails.

Well. I must confess to rather liking Black Sails. It’s not GoT, but it has its moments.

Officially greenlit

Krasinski plays a Navy Seal in 13 Hours so now he’s a badass.

He’s just trying to keep up with his wife


Super Bowl commercial is out. Premieres in August

I believe I do want this! :D

Looks like more jingoism like that Navy SEALs show and SWAT. That’s just repulsive to me in this political environment.


I do not think we saw nearly enough to know if it is jingoistic, but it certainly does look Generic McMilitaryish.

Bay. Krasinski. Jack Ryan. Bad cover of All Along the Watchtower instead of Hendrix.


Jack Ryan as a light beer?

Jimi’s version is a cover, too.

Right, that’s why he said ‘instead of Hendrix.’ Instead of the Hendrix cover, you see. Or so I took it.

Of course only one Dylan cover really matters:

Is it going to have a Japanese Airliner crashing into what was it, the White House or US Congress?

It was the Congress during a SoTU.

He probably can’t go traipsing all over the world shooting terrorists as the President.

Someone having an opinion that something is gross in today’s political environment does not have anything to do with someone asking for a safe space.

I’ve always kind of liked this cover of his (and Ben Folds)