Amazon Music - Only playing one song?

I use the Amazon Music app on my Android phone for the vast majority of my music-listening purposes, and recently I’ve been having a problem where I’ll select a song from an album, and when it starts playing it shows up as track 1 of 1. If I go back to the album view and select any other tracks from the album, it’ll just take me back to that initial one. I have to go to another album in my library, start a song there, and then return to the first one.

This seems to happen about 1/3 to 1/2 I try to play a track. I’ve tried restarting my phone, deleting the app’s cache, reinstalling the app, and disabling wifi.

Has anyone else encountered this problem? Any ideas how I might be able to fix? I tried searching online, but didn’t come up with anything helpful.

Only thing I can think of is you’re looking at your downloaded music instead of online music selection.

It’s set to Online Music instead of Offline Music.

When I initially pull up an album, all of the tracks are showing. And when I initially select a song, it’ll display “1 of 13” or “2 of 22” or whatever and appear normal. But then like a second later, the back/forward track buttons will grey out, and the track listing will change to “1 of 1”. So it’s something that doesn’t happen until it actually begins playing a song.

Yep, I experienced this ‘feature’. If you go to the android store you’ll see many other have also.

In general the amazon music app is total crap, but occasionally they find a way to polish the crap into pure shit.