Amazon Original Pilot - The Man in the High Castle


I’ve started seeing this, as Amazon Video is extremely cheap here in Denmark currently. Holy cow this is good - and its renewed for a 3rd season? This very slow show? Really? Awesome! So far, 6 episodes in, and REALLY enjoy the pacing, the music, the setting, and the style. Wow! Can it really keep this up?


I enjoyed season 2 , it gets even more intense! And yes it was renewed for a 3rd season.


Do we know whether that 3rd season is starting this year or not till Q1 of next year?


Season 3 trailer from a few months ago. It’s going all SLIDERS…

Wonder when we will get the new season this year?

@Razgon did you finish seasons 1 and 2?


Thanks for the link. I wasn’t aware that there was a trailer out there, let alone one that was already months old. Sure hope we don’t have to wait till the fall to watch the new season.


Don’t you dare bump this thread without a date for the new season in your post!!


Oh yes - Its one of my favorite shows of 2017. Such an intense, gripping tale. I don’t think there was any episodes I thought were bad. Thanks for the heads up on this trailer - can’t wait!


Any news on when the new season is coming?


Yeah, we love this show, and Season 2 was superb. I mean Season 1 was superb as well, but Season 2 just blew us away. Thankfully, we’ve got a ton of great television backed up we still need to get to, or I’d be going crazy from the wait. This show is one of our favorites.


Just finished Season 2, it was excellent and I’m looking forward to Season 3.

I also just finished Philip Roth’s “The Plot against a America” which has a very pro-Nazi Charles Lindbergh beating FDR in 1940.

David Simon’s is planning a 6 part min-series of the book. Roth left enough ambiguity in the book that it could also be a multi season series.

Edit Update post to include link to article. The network is unknown


Is that Phillip Roth-based series on Amazon as well?

EDIT: Sorry, I should have read your whole post. :-)


Yeah still no word.

— Alan



Thanks! Still no specific date though, aargh.


I’m just glad to hear it’s coming.
They really knocked it out of the park with Season 2, and if Season 3 is anywhere near as good as that, I’ll be ecstatic.

I remember a few years ago, when they released the first episode of Season 1 as a sort of teaser. We watched it, and were a bit underwhelmed.

Thankfully, we were intrigued enough that we finally got around to watching the full season long after it had been released. And completely hooked ever since. It just kept getting better and better. I have doubts that they can keep up the great work. But I had the same doubts after Season 1 was over, and my doubts were washed away. Let’s hope they can do it again.


Ok, here we go!

October 5, and at least one more season coming.


One of my favorite Amazon shows, glad it already got another season.


New season October 5.

— Alan


It still blows my mind that a show can be renewed for another season before they have any ratings for the still-to-be-aired season. On the one hand, confidence in the post-broadcast age. On the other hand, a big roll of the dice.


Man about time. Think it will have been almost 2 years since last one.