Amazon Original Pilot - The Man in the High Castle


I odn’t think it’s a huge stretch though you’re right it doesn’t happen too often (I recall recently that Mindhunters was renewed before the first season was even released). I think at some point it was revealed that TMitHC was Amazon Prime’s top performing show. They’ve always been more than enthusiastic and if the showrunners planned properly it’s possible management already knows where the show is going (something that didn’t happen between one and two when Spotnitz was forced out), have enough confidence in the narrative and execution by now, and will be able to shore up time between seasons for production (something which evidently didn’t happen between two and three).

— Alan


A business show, IIRC NPR Marketplace, had a pretty interesting explanation, the winner of the streaming war will likely be rewarded with an extra 1/2 trillion in market cap. So spending tens of billions on content is actually pretty small potatoes. High Castle is Amazon biggest hit so…


Yeah, knowing you have 2 seasons (or more) tell a story opens up a lot of possibilities in how you tell that story compared to if you have to make each season completely isolated in case you get cancelled.


Started this as part of my Amazon summer.

Pretty good so far. I’m 3 or 4 episodes into the first season.

They are doing a nice job of making me wonder if Joe is going to betray her, or reject the dark side.

Strangely considering how much SF I read, I never read the book. I’m guessing it’s because Axis winning World War II is such a cliché of alternative history. Although, it probably wasn’t when the book was written…


Don’t worry about that in relation to the show…they have very little in common outside the name and general setting.


Okay, I’m confused. I’m up to season 2 episode 4 and Juliana is at an apartment looking for Dixon. Some guy sees her, shouts her name, chases her and shoots at her. I have absolutely no idea who he is, if he’s been on the show before, and why he would shoot at her when she was granted at least temporary asylum in the Reich.



She’s looking for Dixon, goes to his apartment. He’s not there, and this guy sees her. Is he resistance? Is he Nazi? Keep watching to find out!

(If I remember correctly, he’s just some resistance dude, since they’re out to get her now because she let Joe go, with the film, and was involved in Karen’s death).


I finished the first 2 seasons, and enjoyed the show very much. It was very interesting world building, and even more interesting when the characters moved between the timelines.

However, the introduction to the last episode renewed a feeling that I had when I first started watching. It seems very unlikely for Smith to have obtained such a high position in the Reich, as a former enemy combatant, in only 17 years.


Saw the coming attractions while watching Absentia tonight.

Was that Jason O’Mara?



It’s live!


Well, I know what I’m doing when I get back to Michigan next week!


I binged through Season 3 starting Friday night and then finishing Saturday.

If you liked the first 2 seasons you’ll probably like this one. While still keeping plenty of gritty realism, the the show at times has a more openly science-fiction “feel” to it. That’s biggest change.

And they really went places regarding what Nazi domination was doing to America. I liked the way they use Smith’s family as a window into the changes of society.

I didn’t like that they ramped up the sex and nudity. Now, it’s not like a GoT season, not a constant thing, and just one sequence in one episode that really stood out, but none of it added anything to the story and that scene in particular smacks of something a person like Weinstein would’ve added just because he could.


I’m only through eight episodes, but I think there has been a total of 15 seconds of nudity, restricted to one scene with a minor character. That’s not much of a ramp-up, unless you have quite a low tolerance for it.


I’m still super impressed by Joel de la Fuente’s performance as Kido. Part of it is his excellent ear with the Japanese accent in English, but also the body language.

BTW, I wish all the “Alt-Right” people were made to watch this series to see how we’d end up if our country went down their preferred path.



I didn’t literally mean it would be an alternate timeline 1960’s, obviously. But eugenics, torture, murder and all that? Pretty much hallmarks of fascism.
Anyway, wrong forum to get into it further. But science fiction like this isn’t just meant to entertain but to warn.


Speaking of great accent work, the Australian actress (Bella Heathcote) who plays the Leni Riefenstahl wannabe does a great job with the German accent. I work for a subsidiary of Daimler and have lived in Germany as well, so I’ve heard a lot of Germans speaking English.


Just saw Episode one of season three.

This show is so good, although quite disturbing.

I found the explanation for the sister’s reappearance surprising, I had figured some type of shenanigans by the Man to motivate Juliana.

And I was correct up thread, it was Jason O’Mara in the preview. I always enjoy his work.


No kidding. It freaks me the hell out. And it only gets more disturbing. Wait till you see what Joe gets up to in the next few episodes.

Although they still get some things wrong that are just silly. Case in point: in one scene, they show a page from an intelligence dossier on a person, and it’s all in English, except that for no discernible reason the word in the “Race” box of the form says “Arier” (in German) instead of “Aryan.”

I’m about 3 episodes and a bit in, and one thing I don’t get is this (serious spoilers incoming):


If Joe Blake is working as a hired hit man for Smith and the thus the Nazis (I presume that the targets were involved with Heydrich’s coup plot from Season 1) why on Earth did he take a shovel to Erich Raeder’s head? Or was that Smith’s intention when he told Raeder to take Blake’s orders to him personally?