Amazon Original Pilot - The Man in the High Castle


Papageno, the question you ask in your spoiler will be answered. A whole bunch of plot oddities get tied up a few more episodes in.

S3 was fantastic. Love this show.


Seeing the Japanese Fleet and the Golden Gate Bridge gave me shivers.


I was trying to figure out what kind of planes they had on their carriers. The nazis have their super concord type airliner. Looked like the Japanese had A-4s.


OMFG, the end of S03E05!!!

Actually, the whole episode, but the end? Bananas.


I knew Smith wasn’t going to let Rockwell go off and be Napoleon on Elba. Also, Juliana made up her mind between her two guys, I guess. ;-) Finally, you could see Smith’s internal conflict watching Ms. Dörmer and Co’s presentation regarding “Year Zero” when they showed all the historical locations and objects that would be destroyed and remade in the Nazi image. Not to mention his horrible nightmare/flashback.

BTW, are there any good recaps of the first two seasons out there? I’m a bit fuzzy on the details of the end of Season 2.


Amazon has a 30 minute recap of seasons 1 and 2, shows up on the list after the last season 3 episode as a bonus feature.


Thanks. For some reason it didn’t show up there for me (I use a Roku stick, if it matters). Maybe I just needed to scroll right some more to see it, though.


Finished it up and it stays amazing.

Also wasn’t ready for the visceral reaction I had to something, guess I’m still a patriot through and through.


Eh. That part didn’t work as well for me.

I feel as though they keep having to amp up the patriotic tear-jerkers as our own reality begins to approach their dystopia. Same problem looming for Handmaid’s Tale.



Are you guys talking about the scene I mentioned above in my spoiler, or a different one?

BTW I wonder if the stuff about The New Colossus was a coincidence. Were there plans to build such a monstrosity somewhere? I know that the large dome that often appears was Speer’s design for a new central government complex in Berlin (if they won, of course).

EDIT: n/m about my New Colossus question. I was unaware of the title of the famous poem.


Went through all of season 3 in the last week, and enjoyed the ride. Some of the supporting cast were particularly good, I thought - Himmler, the Nazi scientist guy, the German propaganda lady. Nothing wrong with the main cast, either, just thought those deserved special mention.

As for the plot, it kept me entertained. I didn’t have any particular “omg I can’t believe they did that” moments, not even the end of Ep5 (which I thought was long overdue). But neither did I think they were stretching things to the point of ridiculousness. It sure seems like the writers have a good long-term plan across seasons, which I appreciate and look forward to seeing more of.


The guy who plays Himmler is American but has a doctorate in German language and literature IIRC, and it really shows. And the scientist is supposed to be none other than Joseph Mengele, the war criminal who IRL escaped an almost certain appointment with the hangman and is rumored to have made it to Paraguay and was never found or brought to justice (at least not officially).


BTW I looked for that recap you mentioned on Roku’s Prime Video interface, and it just didn’t appear at all there. There was an “Episode 0” that was a 2 minute preview of Season 3 and the 10 episodes themselves. What device do you use (or do you just watch through a web browser)?


I see it after episode 10 season 3. Android client.

Are there any Seasons that are not 1-3 maybe it’s there.


Jeeze, this third season is great, but man… After having a buddy who lives down near Charlottesville, seeing the Nazi kids rioting in the streets and shooting “blood and soil” hits frighteningly close to home.


Yeah, I was reminded of that myself.


It’s a big part of why I stopped watching handmaid’s tale, too dark, too real no escapism.


There’s the old saying: A society that feels good about itself writes tragedies. A society that feels bad about itself writes comedies.


The focus on the resistance plotlines and the reveal that one of the main resistance characters basically has superpowers adds just enough escapism to make the overwhelming darkness tolerable for me.


I’m 3 episodes into season 3… I am so sick of Joe and Juliana… why do they have to do a romance when there chemistry is so meh. But they’re suppsoed to save the world?!? Ugh, such a waste so far. Still intriguing enough to watch with good visuals. Rufus Sewell is interesting, debating when he turncoats… if ever.


Just keep watching…particularly with regard to Joe and Juliana.