Amazon Original Pilot - The Man in the High Castle


Yeah I finished the season, was glad when Julianna slashed Joe’s throat. FINALLY! Stupid Nazi sympathy in the show bugs the shit out of me. Also, when did this show turn into Stargate?!? was expecting sci fi Egyptians near the end… spoiler? Was kinda troubling to see the SoL fall… so sad…stupid Nazi kids.


You really think there’s sympathy for the Nazis in the show? I don’t see that. Maybe John Smith because of his son and all that, but that was more last season. I think he’s gone all in now.


Don’t get the sympathy angle either.

John Smith is “all in” because its the only way to protect his family.


He’s sympathetic in a way. He’s a father that wants to protect his family.

He’s just well written and complex. Doesn’t make him less of a monster at the end of the day.

Joe was far more of an “issue” on that front, but his character was also all over the place. He was a double agent that had doubts, then suddenly had no doubts at all! His loyalties and motivations careened around like a BB fired into a trash can.


His change in motivation makes sense given the process he went through.


Agree, the problem in getting it across is they went through his “breaking” quickly on screen even though he was interned for months.


It does in the end, but he went through it before that several times as well.



I can’t really tell from the article; was the show set to be done after Season 4, or did the rug get pulled out? The article mentions the word “cancellation”, so I’m assuming Amazon cancelled it, but they glossed over that part.

I’d hate to see the show forced to rush to its conclusion.
And I’d have loved to see at least a few more seasons.


The 3rd season aired last year. The 4th season premieres in the fall and will end it there. It appears it’s already been filmed, so hopefully they wrapped it all up.

Here’s the teaser, released today.


Slightly disappointed. I’ve enjoyed the show with the 3rd being not as good as the first two though. Hopefully the producers/writers knew this could happen and can give a solid ending and not a cliffhanger that’s never answered.


I’ve seen some interviewers with the writers/ showrunners, and this is a conclusion of the series, not a surprise cancellation.


I’m good with that. Honestly, I wouldn’t have minded a surprise in that we didn’t hear about it being “cancelled” for a while. It can make a story really compelling if you’re watching it and then you’re caught of guard and realize: “oh shit, that’s how it ends.”