Amazon Original Pilots 2015 - The Patriot is great

I’m surprised there isn’t a thread for this yet (which probably means there is and I unsurprisingly failed to find it). I really, really liked the Patriot. Good cast, good acting, good writing, good balance of action, comedy and drama. I’m not sure if I would categorize any one aspect of it as great, but the sum is greater than the parts and I had a great time watching it. Definitely stood head and shoulders above the rest. It is probably my favorite original from Amazon yet.

Edge just did not work for me at all. Bloody, sorta sexy, failing in almost all attempts at humor, it seems Shane Black missed a hell of a lot more than he connected.

One Mississippi could be an interesting character study. I believe a lot of people might really enjoy it, but I merely respected what they are trying to do.

Highston didn’t always hit it’s marks, but there was enough good to tip it the right direction. Shaq’s cameo (still a cameo when you are in most of the episode?) was as personable as I almost always find him. Flea brought plenty of energy and had some good screeds. The premise of the kid seeing celebs could provide plenty of opportunities. It was also good to see Curtis Armstrong in a fairly restrained weird role.

Z: The Beginning of Everything seems a perfectly fine period piece about F. Scott Fitzgerald hooking up with his Zelda Sayre Fitzgerald. I don’t know anything about her, so I might watch it if my wife got into it.

Good Girls Revolt could be a period piece I could find myself watching. With all the disgusting misogyny of the 60’s slowly being eroded by a group of smart female “researchers” doing all the work for the male reporters glory. I even liked Jim Belushi in it.

So what actually is The Patriot?

So I am three in and like all three.

One Mississippi is great but dry as a bone. I lost my dad in a similar manner, so this episode was a real gut punch. This may have legs because I think Louis C.K. would do pretty much anything to keep this up. I’m just not sure it is really Tig’s thing, but her act is her life so I could be wrong.

Highston was zany and fun. Flea didn’t do much for me, but Shaq is always great as himself. It would be cool to see how they incorporate a new set of celebrities with each new episode.

Good Girls Revolt has a lot of potential. Setting it in a magazine is smart, since it allows them to incorporate historical events in a logical way. The by the numbers soundtrack has got to go, though. Maybe they could hire triggercut to pick more interesting material.

Looking forward to The Patriot and Edge.

The Patriot is about a CIA agent coping with PTSD by singing folk music. Unfortunately, his lyrics are way too honest to be sang in public, which he has a tendency to do. His Dad is his handler and is sending him back in to try to slow down Iran’s nuke development. His brother is also tagging along as an attache, with his own “badge” and everything. Dark hilarity ensues as he needs to infiltrate an American company for cover and then deal with mistakes of his own and of the CIAs.

The Patriot is all kinds of awesome. What a great collection of quirky characters. The introduction of the inspector at the end makes for some solid anticipation of things to come (maybe). The daughter’s lack of an accent was very odd, though.

I watched Patriot back when they did the pilot thanks to this thread and really loved it, so I assumed it wouldn’t make it to a full season, but its all up on Amazon now.

I was worried the rest couldn’t match up to how great that first episode was but I think I may have laughed even harder for the second. Watched all but the last two episodes so far and I am going to be a sad, sad panda when I am done. So good.

Super satisfying. Loved it start to finish.

<-- Sad, sad panda

All done, praying they make a season 2.

So good. I almost died laughing several times throughout this series. The commentary on ‘don’t be an artist, it’s a bad life’ was so perfect.

I may have been unduly influenced by my admiration for Townes Van Zandt though. Then again, my wife loved the show as well and she barely knows who he is despite dragging her to numerous bands with covers for him over the years.

I just started watching this because the Amazon ads popping up for it were intriguing me. I’m partway into episode two is all but so far I think it might be brilliant. I can’t tell if it’s a comedy or a drama. I think it leans closer to comedy? It’s hard to take it seriously, but then someone gets stabbed in the neck.

Definitely a dark comedy, but the characters and story bring a lot of drama into it as well. I think it is my favorite Amazon Original Series, and I’ve liked a number of them.

This is comedy at its darkest. Such a great season! Love how it never goes where​ you expect it to.

Cripes, I’m watching the first episode and this is some crazy dark stuff.

OMG. Why didn’t anyone tell me about this show ages ago?! I heard about it thanks to last week’s Do By Friday podcast challenge and tore through it at maximum speed. It’s incredible. It literally has it all. Acting, directing, cinematography, script.

I’m glad it’s already been announced as renewed for a second season, because I doubt it’ll get a third, based on the silence around this show.

Great to hear it got a second season. Amazing that the Pilot was almost 2 and a half years ago.

Yeah I should have come back after finishing this but it was one of the best things I saw last year. Any word on when season 2 drops.

My brother swears by this series. I watched maybe two episodes but it was just too dark and cynical for me (and I watched ALL of Breaking Bad as it aired). I should give it another shot, maybe.

I think the darkness and cynicism of this show is also seasoned with more than a little melancholy. It is almost Shakespearean to have your protagonist getting coerced into horrible actions from his own father.

Breaking Bad got very dark, but Walter was always so determined, and the narrative wrapped around that. The Patriot meanders some in it’s narrative and I appreciated that willingness to get high and fall off your bike.

I’m so freaking excited to get into this again. I should re-watch Season 1, it was one of my favorite things.

This is great news!

So good. Can’t wait to watch more.