Amazon Pharmacy

So this news dropped this week, anyone else tempted?

I checked my recent CVS mail order refill that took 11 days from doctor prescription to USPS arrival and am thinking to myself anything has to be better in terms of getting pills mailed out.

Well, since they don’t operate in Minnesota, no. :P

I’ve been using pillpack for years, since before the Amazon acquisition. It’s great, each day’s pills comes in a separate little plastic bag so you never forget or have a “did I take my pills this morning?” moment while conveniently also destroying the earth with little plastic bags.

Hey cool. Now that we have a thread with pharmacy in the title we’ve got a great place for all future spambots to hang out.

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Tempted only. My insurance simply won’t cover them. They only ever cover one mail service. However… it takes awhile for insurance companies to shift, so now that it’s there…

Yeah, I’ve got Aetna (who owns CVS), so I suspect it will be a cold day in hell when they’ll cover Amazon.

I have Aetna also and they cover PillPack no problem. Depends on your plan.

I tried to set up Pillpack, and they make it such a pain that I gave up. First, you have to prove that your insurance works, then they wanted me to switch to their service BEFORE they would tell me the prices, or whether I could get everything, or basically give me ANY more information.

Prove that works? What does that mean? They should just be able to get real time eligibility on whether or not you have the insurance.

Do prescriptions cost 20% of normal so they’re in a realistic price range?

Maybe try calling them? They’re a real pharmacy so they charge whatever your insurance covers, normal prices.

It’s actually the other way around…CVS bought Aetna. Weird times where I live, near Hartford CT which used to be the “insurance capital of the world” and where Aetna is (or was?) headquartered.

But yeah, me too. I doubt CVS/Aetna is going to do something that will keep folks out of their stores.

Are they ziploc? You can put cocaine in them.

No, they aren’t reusable, you tear each one open.

I[quote=“Nesrie, post:10, topic:150095, full:true”]

Prove that works? What does that mean? They should just be able to get real time eligibility on whether or not you have the insurance.

It means they hadn’t heard of CDPHP and wanted me to contact the insurance and have THEM call Amazon.

That does not instill confidence. That sort of check system has been around for a pretty long time.

They must have changed the signup process, I didn’t have to do any of that when I joined like 5 years ago. I just provided my insurance information, switched it from my old pharmacy, and that was it.

I can understand not recognizing a small local insurance, but they also refused to give me ANY information about cost or procedure or anything else until I signed up. All I wanted was some information so I could compare and do my research. (CDPHP is Capital District Physician’s Health Plan–it covers a lot of civil service in the Albany area).

Like I said earlier, try calling them. They pick up the phone. And the prices will be whatever your current pharmacy charges, Pillpack doesn’t offer any discounts or anything-- that’s Amazon Pharmacy which is a different service that can supposedly check if it’s cheaper to pay for your meds with cash rather than using your insurance.