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We need to be talking about this show. I’m tearing through it (9 eps in 3 days) and I’ve been loving it from practically the first minute. It’s everything. A comedy. A mystery. A tech futurist’s master’s thesis. It’s got beautiful people being beautiful. An incredible philosophical underpinning, and the CGI is pretty damned good, too.

Robie Amell, who I’ve previously only known as Green Arrow’s real life cousin (and as Firestorm from the Arrowverse) is just so damned charming in this, and his co-star, unknown to me Andy Allo, has been like an arrow to my heart. Instant love.

Please. Tell me I’m not the only one watching. I want to talk about this damned show. Oh. And you’ll get my thread title eventually if you start watching. “I smell sweat!”

You aren’t the only one! We binged it over the weekend and loved it.

And yep Andy Allo is fab. The purple military-style jackets look great and are a nice homage to Prince too.


I have watched the first 4 eps so far. It is better than I expected. I always enjoy clever takes on the near future a la Black Mirror. It feels like something they came up with while writing the Parks and Rec future finale episode.

Watched the first episode and it’s definitely better than expected. I’m in!

No mention that it’s the new Greg Daniels show (co-creator of The Office and Parks and Rec)? I haven’t watched it yet, though.

I totally meant to mention that, but then I forgot. Because I had to finish the final season 1 episode. Usually I’m happy when a season is short and sweet, but I would have loved another 3 episodes. 10 was too few!

I find the Parks and Rec link interesting, because although this show is funny and clever in a similar way, it’s not as overtly political. There is the underlying theme of haves vs have nots, I guess. This really makes me think of The Good Place before anything else.

Oh. I also didn’t mention the CSM as a recurring, hilarious character. His glee at his circumstances kills me.

With a string of words like that making a sentence that apparently is comprehensible to some people, i’m now curious as to what this sentence means.

Watch until Episode 3 and all will be revealed.

I will say the the name of this show makes it tremendously hard to Google. Slight spoiler for Ep 3:

“Upload episode with download attempt.” ends up turning up a page full of search results without any mention of the show.

Yeah, I love this - I just finished ep 8 last night and I wanted to keep going but didn’t want it to be over so soon, though I know I’ll finish it today. So good. It’s got some really fun pacing but it’s also really, really funny more often than I would have thought.

If you are stuck in the door and the store is on fire, say screams.

So good.

I’ve found myself paying more and more attention to the ginger hotel staff. They kill me. The facial expressions!

That turned out pretty darned good! Definitely got some Good Place vibes, which is a good thing.

But I need help figuring out what, exactly happened.

So Nathan sold his code to Ingrid’s dad, but he killed him anyway? If not, who killed him? And what happened to the money?

Also, I hope Byron finds the love he deserves! Nora kinda treated him badly.

@Menzo The show implies that it’s not as simple as that. At least that’s how I took it.

I don’t get why Nathan would stop ‘remembering’ at that point. It seems the Father’s answer is pretty highly important to what happened. I see why they stopped there from a drama standpoint, but within the show’s reality it makes no sense and is the only thing that jumped out at me as poor plotting.

OK, so we don’t know the answers. I’m relieved because I was a little embarrassed that I missed the explanation!

For someone dying of a punctured lung, he sure didn’t seem to be in much pain.

Eh. He was pretty much a hedonistic dick and only changed because Nora rocked his world. Nora does use him badly though.

Also regarding Nathan and Ingrid’s dad…

Yeah with the way they cut that scene, are we sure he sold the code? Because even though they discussed it, there was no evidence that he actually went through with it.

Oh and Ingrid is one sad and seriously screwed up person.

Based on that dinner scene with Neveah, we can all understand why. That was painful.

I was so proud of Ingrid when she kicked everyone else out. She seems to be trying so hard to be a good person. I do wonder about what it means that she switched the self driving car to prioritize occupant.

Yeah, it seems like they wrote Ingrid so that she could be redeemed later if they wanted. She’s super self-absorbed and gross 70% of the time but then she does something selfless to throw us off.

I also think

We’re going to find out that Nathan didn’t really sell the code and that’s why her dad had him killed. That would be a pretty decent switcheroo for the writers in season 2, since right now he thinks he’s a jerk even though there’s no evidence that he went through with it.

But I agree the fact that he’s just OK assuming he went ahead with the sale even though the memory cuts off is weird, from a writing standpoint.

F’ing spoiler tags aren’t working and I can’t figure out why so I deleted my post.

You gotta put the spoiler tags each on a separate line (above and below the text).

For what reason, I don’t know.