Amazon Prime Video’s Upload by Intel Oscar Mayer

Just finished Ep. 1 and enjoyed it quite a bit.

Quick question about Amazon auto play that’s been bugging me forever: At the end of each episode, I like to watch the credits (dumb I know, but I sometimes find things out about the production, or who the actors are etc.). And just when the end credits start on each and every episode, it jumps right to the next episode, usually before I can grab my mouse and stop it (you have about 3 seconds). I went into the autoplay menu, but all it has is ON and OFF. I don’t want to shut it all the way off. I just want to watch all the credits before it autoplays the next episode. Is there a way to do this?

I know that on the Fire Stick 4K that I have, it gives me an option to hit the button on the remote with the three parallel lines on it to watch the credits even with Auto-Play enabled. I don’t know what platform you’re using, though.

@lostcawz I’m dying to know what you wrote, I hope that you’ll find the energy to re-write it. I wonder about how Spoiler sensitive we need to be. Probably moderately right now, since the series is very new, but maybe we could ease off in time…

Here we go again…

I think that there was something mentioned by either Nora or Nathan that the forces against them were too high powered for even Ingrid’s dad. So I think he is either a red herring or a mid level boss, not the main baddie. Plus, too obvious.

I was glad they gave Ingrid some good qualities and didn’t must make her ‘Raging Affluent B-queen Number 1’. She seemed to have some depth early on but then they did the headfake with Fran seeing her doing something to the car and I was genuinely sad to see her character go that way. But then when she later gave a good reason for tinkering with the car, and I was relieved. This also give Nathan a reason to be with her rather than just the sex.

I’m hoping the dad isn’t quite so obviously evil too.

What was really messed up about Ingrid is that

She uploaded. She literally had her head blown off to be with Nathan. Talk about the ultimate control move!

Yes, @rshetts! It’s insane, and opens up so many possibilities for next season. I really, really hope that this gets renewed.

I am betting it will. It seems to doing well and it is really pretty good. Andy Allo is completely adorable. Just so damned cute. Not The Arrow is doing a pretty good job here as well. And it’s always nice to see an appearance by the CSM ( cigarette smoking man for you x-philes ) Allegra Edwards is doing great as Ingrid as well. It has a 4 1/2 star rating on Amazon with 85% 5 stars. Most of the negative ratings are because of sex and language or that one (GASP!) gay scene.

I have one problem with this show. ONE.

Episode 1 was really great, and set things up perfectly.
I just finished Episode 2, and I was like, “Wha…?” I was just settling into it, and it was over.

The first ep being 46 minutes seemed perfect, and I just assumed the rest would be the same length. I mean, this is not a sitcom, it’s more a drama and seems more suited for the longer episode treatment.

Other than that though, I’m loving it, and I’m wondering where it’s going, and can’t wait to find out. Considering the endless possibilities a show like this could have, I just think that half-hour episodes won’t do it justice.

Probably just me though, and now I’m invested in it enough to see it through and trust that the episodes are this short for a reason.

I loved the length. It made the series super bingeable for me.

It’s the length of the episodes that is off putting. They vary a lot. The final episode felt like it was the shortest and after checking, it was in fact the shortest episode at 24 minutes. They crammed a lot of twists into just over 20 minutes. But as Giles said that was the only real detractor for me and its certainly not a game breaker. It just seemed a bit weird.

Yeah, it just seems to me that it’s paced more as a longer show would be.

It appears your hopes have been answered. Just one week after its season one premiere, Amazon has already renewed Upload.

Great news! Now the painful wait for season 2 begins.

sad face emoji

Two episodes in and I’m enjoying it too. But I kinda wish it wasn’t rated R so I could watch it with the whole family. I’m not against raunchy jokes but the adult content feels out of place with the amiable comedy so far.

I finished the season earlier this week and am glad they are greenlighted for season 2. I hope they can come up with more futuretech gimmicks so the show’s concept stays fresh.

I’m so happy about the renewal, too. Of course it’s going to be a much longer hiatus than it would have been without COVID-19, but on the plus side, it does give the writers a lot more time to work on and refine their scripts. That’s great news. And I have no doubt there’s still a ton of “It’s a virtual world!” tricks to reveal and stories left to tell. In addition, I think we will be seeing more of the “Ludd” movement that’s been referenced multiple times. I can’t wait to find out what those folks are going to be like!

We binged this in two days this weekend - agree it was great, Andy Allo is set to be a big sensation, and can’t wait for more.

I question that this will really be delayed that much by COVID19 - it was literally just renewed, shouldn’t there be 6+ months of pre production prep (like writing) before any face to face is needed for filming? My guess is 6-12 months out Amazon and other big content producers will have figured out their own quarantining system to get content made, and workers will play ball, because everyone needs work and will do so if practices appear rigorous.

Hopefully you’re right, but studios are going to get crushed when they re-open so everyone’s production is going to have to get in line.

Same for all the production staff. If your camera and audio people, set builders, editors, etc. were going to do another production during hiatus, now you might have to wait for them.

6 episodes in, I am enjoying this a lot. Skipping spoilers for now.

This is easily my favorite show of 2020. Fun and breezy but with lots of heart. Going to be a long wait for season 2.

Although this was good, stuff that doesn’t ‘end’ is souring me on all these streaming series.