Amazon Prime video streaming

It’s all person taste of course, but I generally find Amazon to have a superior high-end selection of movies when compared to, say, Netflix. My only problem is they’re often movies I already went out of my way to see in theaters.

I meant amazon prime subscription, not all the rentals/buys. Unless UKs freebie library differs?

I think it does, substantially (see eg Neil Breen above, at the other end of the quality spectrum). In my experience Amazon UK is pretty terrible for movies, whereas Netflix UK is middling to good (for my taste — it’s terrible if you only care about new releases). Amazon does seem to do a little better on black and white movies, though it also has a bizarre selection of colourised movies.

I think in the US nobody wants to license stuff to Netflix so it’s been dry the last few years.

Ah, good point. That’s probably the case.

Hereditary just dropped on Prime. Well worth a watch, even if it doesn’t quite match the hype.

Okay, I’ve only caught the first episode so far, but I’m really liking The Informer.

Joint-BBC British series starring Paddy Considine, Bel Powley, and newcomer Nabhaan Rizwan. It’s about a young British Paikistani man getting roped into becoming a counter-terrorist informer.

Just watched “The History of Time Travel”, a documentary about the invention of the time machine. Zero budget, nobody you’ve ever heard of is involved in any way.

If you’re into time travel movies, I recommend it. It’s only 70 minutes, so not too much of an investment!

Are you from the future? When did they invent the time machine?

Well, if you watched it, you’d know.

12 Angry Men (1957) has finally arrived on Amazon Prime Streaming. Go watch it.

I haven’t seen that in a long time. Fantastic movie.

Excellent, thanks for mentioning it. Been reading Sidney Lumet’s book Making Movies and I need to see more of his stuff.

I watched an absolutely terrible Chinese time-travel movie called “Reset”. You shouldn’t watch it, so I’ll go ahead and spoil the whole thing here. A woman is working on a time machine with her co-worker and the elderly project director. The machine works, but can only send stuff back two hours, and apparently messes with the DNA of animals sent through it.

One day a terrorist(?) forces the female scientist to steal the test data from the time machine. Once she gives it to him, he kills her son, forcing her to use the machine to send herself back in time. He also blows up the building the time machine is in, which makes no sense since he wants her to use it, although it isn’t clear why. Anyway, the machine still works even though the building is falling apart, so she goes back in time two hours.

Once there, she prevents herself from using the time machine, so now there’s two of her. She locks herself in a storage cabinet and goes to try to prevent her son from getting killed. There’s a car chase and some other actiony stuff (there is one kinda cool sequence with a storage container). She fails to save her son, so she goes back in time again. This time, she finds out that the terrorist was actually working with the elderly director, who had found out that the organization funding the time machine research was going to force him to retire and replace him with the female scientist, so he agrees to help the terrorist get the time travel data if he agrees to kill her and blow up the time machine.

Eventually it is revealed that the terrorist’s wife and kid were killed in a plane crash six months earlier, so he wanted her to improve the time machine so it could go back that far so he could save them. Which makes it kind of hard to understand why he would blow up the building, why he would want to steal the test data, or why he would want her to use the time machine on herself (which was obviously pretty dangerous).

So, in the end, she defeats the terrorist and the elderly director, and saves her son. Unfortunately, there are now three of her wandering around. But it turns out the two of them who had been through the time machine had their DNA messed up, so they are going to die anyway. So everything works out.

I watch bad time travel movies so you don’t have to!

Your description/write up sounded kind of cool. What made it a bad movie?

None of the character’s motivations make any sense. The action is mostly tedious. It’s low budget (not zero, but the special effects are cheap). For the most part, it’s just boring. I suspect the acting isn’t great, but it’s all in Chinese, so I can’t really tell.

Watch Timecrimes instead.

I stumbled onto “The Straits” a few days ago. It’s a single-season Australian show from 2012, and it’s fantastic! We’ve seen 7 out of the 10 episodes thus far, and are completely captivated, and puzzled as to why it never got picked up for a few more seasons. Stars Brian Cox and Rena Owen. Absolutely first-rate.

I watched these today via Prime and both were good!

You almost lost me at the dumb name “Braven”, but then you had me at this.

Garret Dillahunt

Exactly! I was all over this once I saw Dillahunt was in it.
Worst movie title ever. :(
And I figured since it was a movie in the winter, Momoa wouldn’t take his shirt off in a movie for once.