Amazon Reaches for Jack

Looks like Amazon is hopping on the Jack Reacher bus by greenlighting a series. Nick Sontora will run it; Christopher McQuarrie will serve as one of the EPs.

Yet another series that makes perfect sense for Amazon; they have the book content in the store and then feed into the Prime video series and vice versa.

— Alan

That’s not the IP I immediately thought of.


John Cena is who I mentally think of for Jack Reacher. He’s doing Suicide Squad 2 now, maybe it will make him a “real” actor. Buy probably not. Cruise was fine, but he’s like 5’6". You can’t beat his gravitas, though.

Need a decent actor, of which Cena isn’t. Maybe some of Jason Momoa’s size and talent, but not Mamoa.

— Alan

I can’t see Cruise doing an extended TV series.

I’m still embarrassed for Lee Child that he touted Tom Cruise as Reacher…

Lee Pace could be Jack Reacher.

Amazon finally casts Jack Reacher, and will apparently start with the first book:

He’s 6’3 and grew up in a military family, so he’s a bit closer to the character than Cruise. Looks more like I pictured him too.

Good god I hope the melee combat scenes are filmed and edited better than the ones from Amazon’s other venture, The Boys.

Well, at least until they get to Persuader.

Well, this popped up. Starts on February. Looks a lot more fitting the role than Cruise, but where’s my Rosamund Pike?

I saw this trailer earlier today. He is a much better fit for Jack Reacher. Looks like it may be a fun series. Amazon is sure investing heavily in popular novel series conversions, aren’t they?

There’s an argument that’s a natural outgrowth of their original core business of selling books. They seemed to have a healthy relationship with the author for the Bosch series, which I felt was boosted by the involvement of the author. So the idea of Amazon adapting popular book series, especially working with the authors, seems like a reasonable fit.

We apparently have this in two separate threads.

I can’t decide if the thread title is really clever or a bad dad joke.

The only way this thread title could be worse, even for qt3, would be for it to have “thread” in it.

I haven’t read the books and I know fans complained Tom was too short but now he looks like a meathead. Does this lineup with the author’s intent?

I cannot help but pointing out once more that in one of the books he stopped a bullet with his pecs. Not one thrown on him by a girl, but a bullet fired from an actual pistol. So yeah, a meathead sounds about right.

This definitely feels more like Jack Reacher, for better or worse. They’re fun airplane books, so making this a fun airplane iPad show makes sense to me.

I can always go back and watch Herzog’s scenes.

Meathead implies stupid and that is not Reacher. Muscle head may be a better description. Reacher is a very big guy in top shape. He is highly trained in most forms of hand to hand combat and has full military training as an MP. He is highly decorated although most of his medals are also highly classified. (ripped from Wiki) “His fitness reports rated him well above average in the classroom, excellent in the field, fluently bilingual in English and French, passable in Spanish, outstanding on all man-portable weaponry, and beyond outstanding at hand-to-hand combat. Reacher is described as a blonde man 6’5” tall weighing 250 lbs."
The author describes him as a knight errant who, after he resigned his commission rolls through life looking for wrongs to right. He is a bit happy go lucky in attitude. The guy that Amazon picked seems a whole lot more like Reacher than Cruise.