Amazon Reaches for Jack

Looks like, yes. Is, no. He’s definitely got the look if a bit too smiley for Reacher. I also really, really like that bathroom fight sequence, that’s exactly how Reacher fights in the books; hit first, hit dirty, maximum aggression and maximum damage as quickly as possible.

The other hard thing to replicate is how much internal dialogue/analysis goes into Reacher, that’s where you learn that he’s not a meathead, just a genetically gifted and genetically violent loner with a god complex and a strong investigative mind. If they can pull it off as a mystery rather than an action series (think Magnum P.I., but instead of shooting someone there’s a 4 vs. 1 fight sequence a few times per episode) then I’m fully on board.

I was browsing my library and picked up the first six books, looks like this is actually going to start with the first book, Killing Floor. Kind of ambitious considering there are 30ish books in the series; Cruise’s movies picked and chose the better ones to make an impact.

That’s unfortunate, it contains what I consider the worst coincidence I’ve ever read in fiction…

But it had enough good parts that I continued with the series, which I still enjoy!

Very true, there’s a lot in it that Child improved upon in later books.

It looks watchable, entertaining (I’d never watch Cruise as Jack but I’ll watch this).

Wonder how much was paid for the Stones licks in the trailer. Reacher ain’t got no cocaine eyes or speed freak jive no need for extra stimulation, ma’am.

And it’s out. First episode came out swinging. Definitely the Reacher we should’ve originally got.

I watched five episodes yesterday and it certainly started out strong in my opinion. The pretense is a little silly but that may be exactly as the book is written as far as I know. I feel the action tapered off and slotted more into a who done it sort of vibe in the later episodes but I am interested enough to finish.

Watched the first couple episodes last night. Tons of fun.

Cheesus H. Christ, frickin’ Kristin Kreuk in the second episode. What have I done to deserve this?

Eh, I disagree that Cruise took the better ones. Persuader is one of my favorites.

Watched the first episode and yeah, this is Reacher. The Cruise movies were not bad but Cruise was not Reacher. At least not the Reacher from the books. I recognized the actor from somewhere else and while it took a minute to recall where from, I realized that this guy also played Hawk in the latest Titans series. He is a good fit for the role. If you like the Reacher books, I think you will like this show.

I agree about Persuader, I just re-read it and it’s one of my favorites too. One Shot was probably one of the most movie-ready stories, though. Tripwire, I think, stands above most of the series.

Two episodes in, and I can’t really find a fault. The action is exactly what I wanted and the acting across the board is just about perfect.

I watched the first six episodes before going to bed last night and am really enjoying the show. Reminds me a bit of the TV version of Shooter, but not quite that good.

I really love the female lead’s accent, you don’t get a lot of correct modern non-LA these days.

Watched the first episode tonight.

The good: definitely the actor physically fits Reacher, a lot better than the ridiculous movie casting.

I still don’t completely forgive the author for endorsing that.

Also I like they show his ability as an investigator consistent with his past.

The bad: they insisted on sticking to the most ridiculous coincidence in the history of books, which almost turned me off the series. At least they bothered to have some pre-shadowing about his brother, which I don’t remember the book even dealing with before the reveal. It was nice that they took a scene from one of the short stories to do so.

I didn’t really like the Detective’s bad take on Mr. Tibbs…

I think I will digest these about one a week, like I normally do these limited TV series.

I’ve heard a lot of people say this but I’ve always felt this happened so early in the first book that I just accepted it as part of the whole set up. I guess my willing suspension of disbelief was feeling generous but if I’m going to accept the whole “vagrant ex-sniper-cum-military police-massively powerful-super smart” thing, then that coincidence is just another layer on frosting on the cake.

Sometimes this stuff is just really subjective.

Agree to disagree.

It’s objectively ridiculous that in his wandering he ends up in the same town where his brother was murdered…

But that’s what changes him from an idle wanderer to a Crusader For Justice. It’s part of the setup, IMO.

(Granted, it IS a ridiculous coincidence, but so is Reacher has just the perfect mix of skills and abilities for every plot.)

Yeah, that whole coincidental timing to kick things off was pretty crazy. But otherwise the rest of the season was pretty entertaining! An amusing problem was that I’m so clueless about US geography, that I have no idea what relation all the towns he goes to are to each other. Did he just travel 100 or 2000 miles? :)

(BTW I just had a REALLY quiet nightshift and ended up watching the whole season in one go)