Amazon Union Vote - Pee bottles and metrics


Amazon has started creating fake social media accounts (badly) to parrot the company line and spout anti-union points.

My union dues are 1% of my salary. My increased pay and benefits was 20% immediately, and gone up over time.

Ah, but are you an Amazon sockpuppet account?

Aren’t we all?

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well being controlled by an Amazon would be nice, but not the company.

There’s a whole quite successful comic book about that!

Anyway, go get 'em warehouse friends. Fuck Amazon.

Looks like Lambchop went on Strike once.

I’m starting to think that Amazon is going to have to publicly fire someone from their social media department soon. They’ve made some unnecessarily risky and potentially ruinous stances lately.

I’m not super compelled by that Verge article. Some parts of it are pretty weak and biased.

Same here. I believe that Amazon is a tough company to work for, especially in a warehouse, and think it’s fine if workers try and succeed at unionizing (realizing we all may pay more).

But none of those politicians looked very impressive in their quick criticisms - preaching to the choir and giving ammo to the other side. I thought the VT minimum wage dig was actually ok by Amazon…

Amazon built a warehouse facility here 2 years ago I think. Equal starting to pay to government work (where I am) and included health insurance. Now they did drug test new hires. Apparently they are doing well enough that they just announced they were going to double the size of the facility.

I don’t know what kind of employer they are (I have heard stories) but in this era of crappy call center jobs being the big thing an Amazon job with health care doesn’t sound too bad. It does seem strange that Alabama of all places would be where the union would try to make head way.

I think the problem is the working conditions / culture. And I don’t think we pay enough to treat you like shit is a philosophy we should tolerate for middle class (or lower) wage jobs.

Amazon’s always had a pretty cutthroat take on how they treat their employees. I’ve known a number of folks who worked as developers there over the years, after (and before) working for other places like Google, or Snapchat, etc.

Amazon pays VERY well… but the corporate culture is not pleasant. It’s very much about paying folks well to do a job and that’s it. It’s an exchange of services for money, and absolutely nothing more.

That’s a thing that some employees want, and some put a personal premium on that extra cash. A lot don’t though (I wouldn’t want to work there).

But in the case of things like peeing in bottles… all accounts are that Amazon doesn’t actually encourage anyone to do that. But it’s set up such that if you do that, you can benefit from it. It’s perhaps a subtle, but important distinction, because it’s not punishing people for not doing that kind of thing. You can not engage in that kind of behavior, and honestly you’ll still get paid better than other places that require the same sort of unskilled labor. But if you do engage in that kind of behavior, you can get paid even more.

Put another way, they’re making you pay for a pee break. That’s what it means to say that you can make more if you don’t take the pee break.

Was this their “gotcha” on Bernie Sanders for Vermont having a minimum wage less than $15/hour? If so that doesn’t make sense to me, Sanders is a senator and doesn’t have a say in the governance or legislation in Vermont.

I think even this dystopian take on the “pee bottle situation” is being too generous. The reports say that Amazon’s warehouse workers are given quotas on fulfilling orders, and those quotas sometimes make it impossible to go to the bathroom if you want to make your numbers. And if you don’t make your numbers you’re fired.

So I don’t think this is really a “you can make more money if you engage your entrepreneurial spirit and piss in a bottle instead of going to an actual bathroom!” situation.

The company’s policies, in their majestic equality, allow management and labor alike to piss in bottles to meet their target KPIs.