Amazon's New World MMO

Ok, you guys have done your damage. I just purchased it through Steam. Hope I get a beta key. I do hope we all agree on a server.

I’m really enjoying this and even though it’s annoying they are going to wipe everything before launch, it would be cool if there was some QT3 group for sure on a specific server.

If you buy it from Steam, you don’t need to wait for a key, just locate New Wold BETA in your library and install it.

Something I just noticed - shield is used only with a sword AFAIK but it does count towards your equip load even if you don’t use a sword. Stupid me kept it equipped and I was wondering how come I can’t wear any medium armor and keep myself within the light equip load bracket. :)

Ah - I didn’t realise there’s going to be a wipe. In that case I may as well hold off and let another pay day roll around before clicking buy.

@Misguided here is the tooltip from in-game when you hover over your equipment load number.

Sweet, thanks!

Anyone using a PS4 controller? I have mine working 90% well, and would love to see recommendations for community configs. Steam Link (which uses Big Picture), if it matters. My main beef is very limited menu control.

Alright, Ice Gaunt wins vs. Fire Staff all the way, for me. I think the fire staff would likely do better for me in group scenarios, but the gauntlet just clicked way way better for me and I found it a lot easier to use. Fire staff abilities were all awkward for me to land hits with, plus I prefer the mana regen on the ice gauntlet.

A good example of why I prefer the gauntlet is Blizzard (or whatever that AOE is called) vs Meteor. Meteor does more damage but you have to channel it, which is really awkward to do when not in a group. Mobs will rush you and knock you around, so it’s hard to apply much damage or to keep them in the radius. Blizzard on the other hand is fire and forget. You drop a blizzard in a similar sized AOE and it ticks away while you can do other things: run around, block, launch other attacks. It also slows, so it’s easier to keep guys in the blizzard.

While technically Meteor does noticeably more damage, in practice I like blizzard a lot more. If I were in a group and had a tanky character holding the mob in place, I might like the fire staff attacks more than I do. But for solo play, gauntlet all the way.

What are you going to pair with the gauntlet? Do you have access to the turret yet? Can I craft a low level one? More silly questions?

You get access to the turret in the first tier, although it’s in the Builder tree and I’ve gone with the other one for now. Easy enough to craft one, that’s how I got the one I’m using. Just need to find a bit of iron and a few other mats and craft away.

Definitely going to do that tonight, then. I really want to try the turret.

I had a guild with some buddies we called Three Feet Under. Full of some real freaky gnomes and dwarves. Good times.

@KevinC oh yeah, liking the gauntlet so far.

What are you guys pairing it with? I was initially thinking rapier but now I’m not so sure. Maybe a pure dex or str weapon?

Leaning towards rapier just because of the stat scaling but not sure. I really enjoyed the life staff as well but I don’t know if that’s redundant, I’d like something melee I would think.

I only just got one tonight, but as crazy as it sounds, I’m thinking great axe.

Btw, just realized tonight that there are multiple starting zones. And resource distribution varies significantly between them. Good luck finding iron in Windsward, where I started, but the Marches to the west has a ton

Speaking of resources, I felt really dumb. It took me a lot of trial and error to figure out that brown areas on the map were where the iron was, a certain green color terrain where hemp was, etc. I just noticed yesterday if you pop open the map, there’s a Resources tab that explains where to find each resource. And when I hovered over iron it even lit up specific spots on the map, although that may be because I have the ability to track it.

Anyway, that, uh… would have saved me some time, hah.

I was actually going to recommend combining gauntlet with any other single-stat weapon to make the stat allocation easier, but now that I’m in game and looking at the chart, Rapier does seem to make some sense because it’s a Dex/Int weapon. So you could allocate something like a 2:1 ratio of Int:Dex and probably have decent damage on both.

Gonna try that now!

got my title for 160 hours in game, so I guess I’m loving it. My pc is way behind minimums cpu wise but is managing well enough for me to play and stream at 30 fps.

regarding gauntlet keep in mind you might not want to pair it with another mana using weapon. Also gauntlet gets a passive that allows it to convert mana to stamina on block and also Entomb allows rapid mana regen while invuln. End result is you can actually make some stamina hungry combos work due to it even if not really using the gauntlet for it’s damage.

So far in my experience great axe and warhammer seem to do really well even without points in strength, they are beasts with. The magical weapons are very weak without points in their stats, but very strong with and the dex stuff seems pretty decent without and strong with.

I’d love to pair it with life staff but yeah, both suck mana. And if I focused on Life staff I don’t know what I’d do for a second weapon since it’s the one one that scales off of focus and nothing else. I find that to be an interesting dilemma in terms of figuring out a build that includes the life staff.

Right now I’m gauntlet + rapier due to obvious stat synergies, but I do miss that life staff.