Amazon's New World MMO

I use MSI Afterburner as well. I believe my initial results were from having my fan curve not loaded and using the default that comes with EVGA (which is horribad). This was with all settings maxxed, including shadows. For graphically demanding games I typically hover around 60c. Even in the most stressful conditions with 30+ players around the rivers with mobs, PvPing with full effects and running 2 other video applications on other monitors it didn’t get higher than 64-65c for 99% of the time and I don’t think it ever fully used FB as well as not dropping below 100 FPS.

It seems completely fine and I wouldn’t wave anyone off for having issues with overheating cards, like you suggested.

Sugma Acorns. Nice.

Thanks for mentioning this.

What faction?

Syndicate. We hit 100 players today, but that could change.

K I’m East and marauder so I’ll keep looking

This is an open beta, right? Can you guys who are playing give a thumbs up or thumbs down for those of us still on the fence?

It’s imagine most of those on the fence would have tried the beta. But I think it’s fun. Just don’t know how much legs it has, but it’s only 40 bucks.

Was messing around with life staff today for the first time. Liked it more than I thought I would.

Yeah, I just discovered that the beta is free. For some reason I thought it was a paid one.

I’m like @misguided here. I enjoy the game. I think they’ve done a good job in the worldbuilding, it’s rare for me to run off in a direction to do something without getting distracted by 3 or 4 other locations or things I run across on the way. And since there’s no monthly fee, even if I only play it a month or two, I’ll feel like I’ve gotten my money’s worth.

It’s not perfect but it’s fun. They have evolved a lot based on feedback. I am interested to see where they go in the next 6-12 months. It’s a good platform to continue to build on.

I am played in the closed Alpha and private Beta. I am choosing to wait for 6 months to play for real. I want to see what the game looks like after the initial rush, and after they evolve based on how people play after launch.

OK, 40 hours in to open beta, all solo except for grouping the expedition:

  • Just barely missed level 30.
  • Got my Marauder faction halfway through 2nd tier (Guardian I think?)
  • Failed the level 25 expedition 3 times with groups who refused to plan. Beat it tonight with a kick ass team
  • Didn’t fish once!
  • PVP flagged exactly once. I finished all 3 missions and got ganked running back to town.
  • Got my mining, skinning, logging all 60+ (best advice I can say is get steel stuff as soon as you can)
  • Could never afford a house, cause I bought all steel tools. If I hadn’t bought tools I could have bought a half price house. I think the tools were the way to go in beta, the house will be my first buy at launch

I could have been 4-5 levels higher if I didn’t try to go wide on the experience. I think this was way more valuable learning.

I will definitely join a company on day one, US east, Marauders, Hopefully one that is viable in PVP and town ownership.

I played Everquest for 17 years and never thought I would do a MMO style game again. This one has me hooked like no other experience has since original EQ. It has warts but no deal breakers.

We will be playing on us east as marauders and plan to be active in pvp with alliances with other marauders companies. been playing together since daoc and were active there as well. we are always happy to have grown ups join.

What about me??!?!!? :D

charlatan is grandfathered in, so to speak.

Awesome. Who is “we”? Did you take any cities in open beta?

We didnt have many people playing open beta. some of us played in closed and the rest are planning to only play at launch. we arent big, 15 or so currently planning to play, but do plan to be active in the large scale pvp battles regardless of whether we are the owners of the city/fort. and of course plan to do a lot of open world pvp as well. theres more info earlier in the thread from the closed beta timeframe.

An interesting article on the tech behind New World. One thing that just occurred to me is in the past, many MMO have struggled to scale quickly. I’m sure that Amazon will have other problems, but I’m not worried about them not having enough servers!

The past couple MMOs I’ve seen launched have run on Azure as well. Very nice tech to have to rapidly scale, that’s for sure. No more having to build out datacenters or ramp up a lot of physical servers that may only be needed for the first month or two. That Outriders game, while not a MMO, also used Azure. I guess I should point out that they all still had problems at launch but yeah, lack of servers isn’t one fewer to worry about!

It’s nice they won’t have to worry about scaling up hardware. I was under the impression that the game world is not instanced though, just the dungeons. I also noticed login queues on Friday, which led me to believe there are population caps. So they’ll still have to create new (logical) servers if demand exceeds their expectations, which I’m guessing does not happen automatically. And merge low-population servers when demand falls away.