Amazon's New World MMO

Done listed you as a reference.
Wow, they are already almost full…

Lol I’m just another casual so far. Will see if that changes with 2 days played. We had both companies full but a streamer decided she wasn’t going to stay with us and took some of her followers to “the” streamer server, Sitara. Had we gone to Sitara I’d have likely left.

Are the servers open already? If so, I may have to jump in. I liked the little bit of beta I played earlier this month and if it’s a one and done purchase like Guild Wars I feel much more likely to drop in from time to time.

  • 8 a.m. CEST (9/28 at 2 a.m. Eastern) — EU Servers will launch
  • 8 a.m. BRT (9/28 7 a.m. Eastern) — South American Servers will launch
  • 9 p.m. AEST (9/28 7 a.m. Eastern) — Australian Servers will launch
  • 8 a.m. Eastern — NA East Coast Server will launch
  • 8 a.m. Pacific — West Coast Servers will launch

Copied and pasted that. That’d be 9/28 for NA as well.

Gah, I don’t want to go to work tomorrow!

I have foot surgery next Friday but I have to keep my foot up for 5 days…just ordered a nice in bed desk table and am setting up the computer near my bed with the monitor on top of the bed desk with my KB and mouse…NEW WORLD for 5 days.

Logged in to random Euro server so I could grab a character name. Ran around for a few minutes, then logged out. I’ll play for reals tomorrow evening.

Thought it would be a slideshow in the newbie area, but the game ran fine.

When I logged out, the login queue to get back in to the server was 2000+. Gonna be interesting tomorrow.

I grabbed a couple of names and ran around for a little bit. I was expecting the same as J_Thomas but was pleasantly surprised.

Yep total shit show here in the EU, every asshat from the rest of the world logging in to claim their name and have a look round with no intention of playing on that server while all the European’s are in 9 hour queues to get in as well and can’t at the moment.

Really needed to be all opened at the same time world wide especially with this naming convention.

didnt see any consensus for a west server, so going to go with Ygg unless someone suggests something different.

Was looking at Streamers on New World and Ygg doesn’t seem to be too popular with the streamers, so might be a quiet place…

Sorry bud. We didn’t want it like that either.

Names secured here. Didn’t sit in your queues. Back at 7est

Since, I hadn’t played before I had fun and got my name so that is good. Then the server went down.

Game really ran fine, despite just a swarm of people at the beginner’s area…

I was confused about few things. I got a lot of craft fails messages. I assume that has something to do with skill? Or is how many crafting attempts you’ve made?

I’m sure bows will eventually be important, but they sure seems slow compared to melee weapons.

Can you respec weapon attributes, or if you pick up some skills, with say sword you are stuck with them?

My only complaint is that level pacing seems too quick I’m level 10 in 3 hours with no clue, what I was doing and no challenging fights. Oh well I guess there are a lot of levels.

Still overall, a very fun game, with surprisingly good graphics and not very little lag even though, I was in the red zone for ping.

Crafting shouldn’t fail, that may be related to the server load. I have never seen a crafting attempt fail.

Ranged weapons start out feeling a bit weak. There are often skills and passives that will improve things like reload rate or shoot more projectiles etc. So after a bit of investment they do improve.

Each weapon levels independently, so you can’t take points from Sword and Shield and put them into Hatched. Within one weapon you can respec weapon attribute points for free up until you hit level 10 (and afterwards it costs some gold). If you switch to a new weapon you level it up independently (it goes pretty fast so it doesn’t take long before you have a few skillpoints in the new weapon). If you never go back to Sword and Shield those points are not used but weapon attribute points are pretty easy to come by, and it’s a good idea to try different weapons to see how they feel to you.

As for not knowing what you’re doing, I recommend following the main questline at least up through choosing a faction (that will be around level 8 or 9). Choose the faction that is the same as the company you’re joining. Joining a faction opens up the faction questgiver, who has 3 PVE and 3 PVP quests you can take. Completing those quests earns you faction tokens, which you can use to purchase decent gear (from him). Two of the most notable things he sells are ammo for ranged weapons and a Rune of Holding, which is a required ingredient for crafting a bag.

Sounds good. With the same caveat, that’s where I’ll plan to roll a character after work this evening. Assuming the servers haven’t been slagged by then. :)


Not so quiet.

East Falias wasn’t crazy, so I made a character there instead.

This looks interesting, but I think I might wait until the server rush madness dies down in a few days…

I got right into Falias when I created my character earlier.

And miss out on that New MMO experience where you anxiously wait in queue for an hour, get to play 15 minutes, only to be unceremoniously dumped out of the game with a vague error message? C’mon, where’s your sense of adventure? :)

I am fully expecting the servers to be in fulldown meltdown mode and taken down for maintenance by the time I get off work but by god that won’t stop me from firing up the game and repeatedly trying to log in!

If you are still curious, we are on Sarragalla (Syndicate)

I’ve definitely been curious, yup.

Given the queues, anyone in US West up for Sarragalla? @pyrhic, you establishing on Ygg yet?