Amazon's New World MMO

Not really. PVE deaths can be expensive as it bangs up your equipment which can be costly to repair, but nothing breaks. I don’t know if PVP deaths incur that penalty. I’d guess not, but I don’t know.

Nope – at least, not that I’ve seen.

And that’s exactly it – in EVE, when your ship blows up, that ship is gone, and thus you’ve removed it and all of the stuff it took to make it - materials, processing time, and so on – from the economy. So now you need to go back and buy another one. So there’s constant demand for even the basic ships, which makes it always worth it for someone to keep putting those materials and processing time on the market.

To my understanding, there’s no equivalent in New World, which concerns me about the long-term health of the economy.

Now, that said, having spent more time with it, there’s an interesting wrinkle in New World’s economy, which is that higher-tier refined materials require both lower-tier refined materials and higher-tier raw materials to make. So you use 4 T1 raw wood to create 1 T1 refined wood. But to create T2 refined wood, you need 4 T1 refined wood and 4 T2 raw wood. And to create T3 refined wood, you need 4 T2 refined wood and 4 T3 raw wood. And so on. I assume this was done to ensure that low-tier materials always have a purpose and value, but at least right now, it’s led to a scenario where the T1 raw materials are hilariously expensive, and the T2-3 raw materials are selling for pennies.

I don’t know how it all shakes out in the end – right now when most everyone is still leveling, the economy is in a lot of flux. But I’m still concerned about the viability of an economic playstyle at endgame.

There’s also a big cost to these materials: storage. Every crafter I know is out of storage space, even trying to split up their operations. I mean sure, you can stash materials in every settlement but then you have the cost either in time or Azoth to go grab it and bring it to where you need it (or ship, in the case your faction controls contiguous territory. Not the case for my setup/server, unfortunately).

Potions are consumables so you’d think maybe there’d be a market for them… but they’re heavy as hell and outrageously expensive to make. I mean, making a single health pot is going to require a rare “blue” resource to craft? Yikes. Meanwhile, they drop like candy from provision supplies. By far the cheaper way to get them but again, who has the weight capacity to lug them all around?

I do love the fact that base tier resources continue to be valuable but even the XP calculations for crafting are off. The most efficient way to level up crafting is by mass producing base tier armor and weapons. You get less XP per material if you make steel or star metal gear instead of iron because of the iron it takes to make those higher end materials. Not to mention that then you’re also having to spend time farming settlements for refining materials like crossweave and flux.

So at the end of the day, the best method to raise crafting skills is to farm the hell out of hemp, iron, etc. and ignore all the high tier stuff. And given my storage is already stuffed to the brim, I don’t even have room to pick up wireweed even if I wanted to stockpile it. I barely have enough storage as it is, I can’t hang on to hundreds or thousands of high end materials so that some day I’ll be able to craft armor for myself after the very lengthy crafting grind.

Sounds very much like real life. :P

Just dinged 30 and working on my rep in Brightwood for a T1 house. Will keep Everfall as my Inn location and probably use it mostly for gathering.

that is definitely something missing and will likely mean endgame economy will just not quite work right. EvE and Albion Online are the ones I’ve played that did this the smoothest.

In a long past alpha 18+ months ago, New World was a “full loot” PvP game. They changed it after Jan 2020. It was not exactly full loot, but close enough (you lost stuff, your killer gained stuff).

So a lot of the current design decisions are a hang over from the old systems. Yes, the economy would make more sense with item loss, but they removed it and now some parts of the economy do not make sense.

A source on the dates, with links to the official statement.

I ran around a few times in the open world flagged for pvp. Three times I was set upon by groups that outnumbered (and outleveled) me, the other times, i was simply outleveled and generally set upon while i was engaged. Thats all pretty standard imo. The only time that bugged me was when i helped clear a corruption and was set upon just as i helped clear it. Ya, way to go, hero.

Now, i don’t bother with it, though i suppose i could use it as a free portal home. And I’m not high enough level to get invited to wars, so pretty much the only game in town is pve.

I stumbled onto a governors desk last night. So, if i understand it right, the controlling company of my windsward zone makes 245k gold a week? And then has to pay 22.5k back to run the town, for a net profit of 220k a week? Split between up to 100 people? That seems…ridiculous? I mean, it’s probably really cool if you’re with that company, but for us people just scrambling to make tax, it seems out of whack.

Yes. The best part of having a house is being able to recall to it like an inn, except you can also pay a bit of azoth to reset the timer.

Since Amazon admitted to and then fixed some FUBAR PvP zone control mechanics they probably should have reset all the zones to the way they were at launch. That way every alliance would have an equal chance again. From what I’ve read most servers are now dominated by one or two alliances, i.e. the ones who used the screwed up zone mechanics to their advantage at launch. Now it is much harder to take control from them as I understand it. Do I think a reset will happen? Nah.

No. The stuff they changed didn’t come into play for nearly a week. Resetting the maps would just be a huge gold sink. And I say that as someone whose company got the bad end of that bug.

There was no advantage “at launch”. It has to do with flipping an established territory (I.e. already claimed) into a war state too easily after the territory had been held for an extended period

No, it is more difficult to create the opportunity to take control (declare war), but by no means impossible. A few players could not be able to initiate a war (which is what was happening). It should rage a concerted effort by a large number of players from a given faction.

For Finias/Marauders it’s

Charlatan Wylde

Or post your in game name here. You need to have chosen the Marauders faction first.

I may transfer when that’s a thing.

There was a crazy queue in that server on launch and I just decided to fart around elsewhere until they sorted it.

During the closed beta when i ran into this problem i started posting large volume items on the auction house at ‘high’ rates as a means of storing them. The cost was negligible compared to the value of storage space. no idea if this is still an economical way to free up space in the released version.

Thats a great idea, unfortunately listing price scales with asking price…

Not sure that absurd example invalidates the process given what i know of how the listing fee is calculated. Pick an item taking up lots of space in your storage shed (usually low level raw materials). check the AH to see what the current sale price levels are and how many units are available. Setup a sale for your items that is far enough down the list of price/quantity that it’s unlikely anyone will buy your pile (or that provides you enough ‘profit’ that you don’t really care if they sell). It helps to be watching the market for that item for awhile to check the pricing trends. then check the listing fee and make your own decision if that fee is worth the storage space you are freeing up.

the absurd example shows that you and i have a different appreciation of what “high” is. Also, its just funny the game lets you post absurd amounts. I guess thats bezos’ influence

While it is true I have things stored in multiple towns, refining materials or, you know, making stuff with them, goes a long way. Also, getting rid of stuff you don’t need stacks of, like hyssop.

Is loot in this game borked? Level 30 and I can’t craft anything that is even close in GS to what I have found as dropped loot.

Like, it’s not even about my artisan level - I don’t even have any of the mats for anything above TII, yet I am fully decked in TIII gear cause it drops like candy. I have mined shit tons of Iron, ain’t got a speck of fae iron. I am not sure there is any point at all pursuing crafting until you hit level cap. It seems one whole aspect of the game is completely trivialisaed during levelling.

Seems a bit broken, tbh.

Pro Tip: MMORPGs are hard to make well. New World has a lot of the fundamentals down pat. Combat feels good, the world is attractive, there is a lot to do overall. It’s engaging, especially early on. But the finer details, like overall balance, progression, PvP vs. PvE, loot, crafting at the end game, housing, storage, player interactions–these things are all extremely difficult IMO to nail down. Especially as the more you do, the more different niches of players you run into expecting something besides what you are doing.

All I really ask (above and beyond basic functionality of course) is that a developer have a coherent vision of what they want to do, and that their execution reflects that vision. Whether I like the vision or not is important in terms of whether I play the game, but in terms of critical appreciation, I’m much more interested in coherence.