Amazon's New World MMO

That escalated quickly!

I agree the environment is rather good, and the world feels interesting, and not a rehash of Ye Olde Medieval Theme Park. The game itself though seems perfunctory; competent but there really isn’t any compelling narrative or energy for me. Not that I actually need that, but from a critical POV, the game is very by the numbers IMO. But as it is executed competently, it certainly works, and some parts are quite lovely.

Ah, this is not good…client side authentication in an MMO, not clever at all. When I worked for the company proposing to publish Jumpgate Evolution we discovered it was client side authenticated. After Netdevil waved away our concerns initially we had a meeting where our tech guy manipulated the client to give himself infinite range weapons with maximum power on one of their milestone builds. As the guy responsible for trying to keep the Archlord players in check at the time I had one of those “ah crap” moments at the possible CS implications when supporting the game…

I believe Fallout '76 had/has a similar issue?

I thought the invulnerability glitch (moving the window) was already patched

1.0.3 notes

  • Fixed an issue that caused holding and dragging around the client while in windowed mode to constantly retrigger invincibility.

1.0.4 notes

  • We have fixed several known causes of players being invulnerable. This issue is a top priority for our team, and we are continuing to track down fixes for additional causes of this issue.

Saw the link to that video earlier, and I thought it was just going to be about some of the perks not working. Holy cow, that’s bad.

Same guy put out another video using the ‘paused client’ to abuse the i-frames while dodging. He didn’t even take damage from a bleed effect.

This is going to completely bork the territory wars. Folks have probably been using it already to capture the points.

Oh hey, logged in to find a patch incoming. Patch notes here.

Good luck with that!


(Look up two posts)

I read the new patch introduced a bug where if an item you’re selling on the trading post sells when you’re offline, you don’t get the gold. Just posting here in case anyone has expensive stuff like bags listed.

They have compensated people for other issues related to gold. I’m sure they will be able to track this as well. They have been responding to things fairly quickly. It took them longer to fix something like the tax issue, but that was just a display bug. They are still compensating people for it. Heck, I’m the only person I know in my company that noticed it in the first place.

I’m a little sad at the life staff nerfs, especially when phrased as “performance improvements”. Ah well, there’s always this sort of issue when they’re trying to juggle PVP and PVE balance. The life staff is a very good weapon, no doubt, but still.

I’m getting pretty bored with being Focus… er… focused. No weapon options to choose from and Amber gems are STILL FRIGGIN BUGGED arghlblarghle. Unless I missed a patch note or stealth fix yesterday, anyway. Probably just time to take a break and let this bad boy bake a little longer.

Not sure what nerf you are referring to. Someone in an expedition earlier said some like staff perks weren’t working properly…maybe a bug, rather than a nerf?

There are perks that heal and remove debuffs on light and heavy attacks, respectively. Before you would get a little AOE where the attack hit and the heal would apply. Now the AOE is gone and you need to have the projectile pass through an ally to have it effect them, which can be really awkward in a game where every trash mob can shove players around at will. It also means you’re not able to apply those effects on yourself.

Who knows if it’s a bug or intended, there’s so many broken perks of things that don’t match tooltips it’s impossible to say. In this case the new behavior actually matches the original description so who knows what they actually intend?

Either way, it’s all indicative that this game needs some more time in the oven, it’s an absolute mess. I’ve had fun with it, but no desire to put up with all the garbage at the moment. I’m pretty confident that game will be in a lot better place a few months from now, so I’ll just pick it back up then. I’ve easily got my money’s worth so any extra mileage I get out of it will be a bonus.

Not my experience at all, but I’m not a healer. Certainly it will continue to improve, though, as you said. Looking forward to trying outpost rush. I should hit 60 tomorrow

I wouldn’t mind joining the Wanderers; I have a character on Falias, Marauder faction, named Bobby Sue. There doesn’t seem to be an in-game way of asking for an invite?

If Bobby Sue is in the Marauders faction you can just post the character name in The Wanderers discord and you’ll get an invite.

That made me grin a bit, because outpost rush has been one of the things that have been busted. :)

Please post your impressions in the thread, would love to hear how it goes for you this weekend!

so there was this guy, he was just floating around and holding the point, and we couldn’t ever seem to kill him…