Amazon's New World MMO

Hah, yeah, I remember that! And I remember being incredibly annoyed that I couldn’t walk down a 3 inch ledge and would have to walk around instead. :)

Lol, so true. That’s one reason I didn’t play GW1.

Btw, there are done that specifically say you can cancel out of them by dodging at any time, e.g. rapier flurry. I’m com with not being able to cancel attacks, but I think I might do better with the timing with some weapons than others. I can’t seem to get a good feel for rapier.

@Charlatan is all that info about armor in game? I didn’t know any of that. Where can you see your overall rating/category?

Does strength increase max encumbrance? Other ways to increase it?

I just started with the rapier last night. I thought a sword drop I found on my first day of playing was a rapier but turns out it was a longsword. Working on getting a feel for it now, I like it so far although the light attack combos seem to be a little longer animation wise than what I was used to with the longsword.

Has anyone played around with the Life staff? I just crafted one yesterday and I love it, I think it might be my favorite weapon so far. I think I might be retiring my Fire staff for it, which isn’t really clicking for me. I liked the Fireball skill but I haven’t been a big fan of the other ones so far. I have a feeling that weapon will excel in group scenarios but for me being solo, it’s just been awkward.

I’ll need to try the ice gauntlet next and see if that works better for me than the Fire staff. A very brief glance made it seem like it might be since there are slowing and CC effects which might help me keep guys at range as a solo player.

It increases your carrying capacity at thresholds but I’m not sure about weight of armor or how that’s calculated. If it’s a percentage of your total weight capacity taken by armor it should, but no idea how it works.

And the game shows all the armor info on your equipment screen. I think it’s on the left side of the screen if I remember correctly.

I have no problem with the height or distance of jump. The animation is poor. It’s like they originally made the animation for longer jumps and faster running and then decided to lower the speed/distance without changing the animations.

Characters are using fast run animations for what is effectively a jog.

That might be exactly what happened! The run animation hasn’t bothered me and I can’t recall the jump one, because I don’t ever use it. I remember it feeling off at first, but I chalked most of that up to the (initial) surprising lack of height on the jumps.

Now that you mentioned it I won’t be able to stop noticing it, of course. :)

I bought Swords of Legends Online last week but it isn’t really grabbing me. Might have to refund it and get this instead, it sounds great.

Fellow SOLO player here as well. I bounced off of it as well. I liked the controls/combat for the genre but the structure of the game was just bleh. For a game that wanted me to quest grind my way to max level, they put zero effort into it. The same three or four boring low-effort quest templates repeated ad nauseum and then nothing to hide the pointless gear treadmill at the end.

I got bored with that one real quick but this one is grabbing me more, it feels a lot fresher.

I just assumed this would have a subscription. I really need to get out of this thread before I’m sucked in to an MMO I don’t need to be sucked into.

I’m pretty sure worn equipment isn’t included in encumbrance numbers.

I have a fire staff, but haven’t tried it yet. Had just finished gathering some stuff last night before I logged out, so maybe I can make some new wagons to play with. I really want to see the gauntlet.

This is a game where I would really like to find a good guild to play with, but that can be such a challenge. I haven’t even been introduced to the factions yet, but I’m guessing that will be soon.

I hear you on guilds, my track record with them in MMOs is quite poor. Will be seeking one out in this game as well. I mentioned it in one of these MMO threads, but I’m always looking for that goldilocks guild that’s not hardcore but isn’t a spam invite guild or a casual social guild either. Basically, a group of adults with life responsibilities that are more than casual gamers.

And I’ve found those, in GW2, in Tera, etc. but they always seem to be built on a house of cards and never last. I’d like to find a group that does stuff like the fort rush, but is basically PvX. I want to do dungeons and stuff and be able to dabble in pvpve as a supporting character

It’s frustrating that the official forums don’t have a section for recruitment

Paging Drop Bears… paging Drop Bears…

Best guild evar.

I remember fondly the female gnome rogue guild QT3 had years ago…fun running around with 15 other gnome rogues freaking everyone out.

Yes indeed, this game is a buy once and no further charges apply. There is no monthly fee.

@Misguided The armor info I got from this site. I am pretty sure it is accurate. There very well may be in game documentation on this but I do not know where that would be.

As for your character’s armor weight, it is shown via a vertical thermometer type scale that is on the left side of the screen, directly to the right of your paper doll.

Man you guys are making me SERIOUSLY consider buying this!

Do we know if there’s going to be a server wipe post-beta? Or will beta characters carry over?

I played this in alpha (am I even allowed to say that?) and really enjoyed it. There was no fishing then, but otherwise it doesn’t sound like things have changed TOO MUCH, aside from, I gather, more focus on PvE, which I like. If there’s gonna be a real contingent of Qt3ers on board, that’s pretty good incentive…

I believe carrying weight can be increased by equipping more bags… Which sounds weird now that I say it. There is a quest where you are rewarded with a bag or pouch or some such pretty early on. Be sure to equip it.

For those of you looking for a guild, I have been involved for years with a large community oriented guild that does PVX. I have adventured with them in Rift, GW2, and ESO. It’s a family oriented guild but you can certainly find min-maxers in the guild. The guild leader is very passionate about PVP so those activities are always on the menu. The guild website is (pronounced gosh-kia). They do run a discord server. If you decide to register the secret word is family.

Wow - I recognize their logo/page from long long ago. Always impressive to see guilds that have managed to endure that long.

That is exactly how I felt about SOLO. We must have similar taste in MMOs so it’s encouraging to see you giving New World the thumbs up!

It’s no longer a case of if, but when!

Wow, really? Interesting.

Nice! We should all figure out an unofficial Qt3 server before launch so we can all end up in the same place. Are you in North America?