Amazon's New World MMO

got my title for 160 hours in game, so I guess I’m loving it. My pc is way behind minimums cpu wise but is managing well enough for me to play and stream at 30 fps.

regarding gauntlet keep in mind you might not want to pair it with another mana using weapon. Also gauntlet gets a passive that allows it to convert mana to stamina on block and also Entomb allows rapid mana regen while invuln. End result is you can actually make some stamina hungry combos work due to it even if not really using the gauntlet for it’s damage.

So far in my experience great axe and warhammer seem to do really well even without points in strength, they are beasts with. The magical weapons are very weak without points in their stats, but very strong with and the dex stuff seems pretty decent without and strong with.

I’d love to pair it with life staff but yeah, both suck mana. And if I focused on Life staff I don’t know what I’d do for a second weapon since it’s the one one that scales off of focus and nothing else. I find that to be an interesting dilemma in terms of figuring out a build that includes the life staff.

Right now I’m gauntlet + rapier due to obvious stat synergies, but I do miss that life staff.

Yeah, life staff’s being the only weapon scaling with focus is weird - it’s not that strong dps-wise on its own and any secondary weapon is not going to be as strong either. This makes leveling up life staff a bit frustrating, once you get to lvl 15+ mobs, especially when multiple enemies are attacking you. It seems to be very group dependent and scaling with focus means I don’t have a good alternative when soloing.

Yeah it’s in a strange spot. Since nothing else scales off of focus (in terms of weapon damage), that just leaves the secondary effects at reaching various stat milestones. And those secondary effects are all about mana: increasing mana regen, increasing max mana, etc. So that makes me want to pair it with the fire staff or gauntlet so I can get some synergy out of it, but having both weapons draw from the mana pool poses its own problems. Granted, Life staff has a nice mastery that makes light/heavy attacks not consume mana but you still have all the abilities to consider. And then of course without Int, gauntlet/fire isn’t going to do great damage I’d think? So if it’s not going to do good damage anyway, maybe I just need to stick with another weapon and save all the mana for the staff.

I don’t have enough experience with the game to know what to think about that yet. The fact that life staff is uniquely tied to focus is potentially interesting, but I haven’t figured out how to work it into builds yet. I don’t have a feel for how important these stats are for weapon performance or what mana management looks like once I’m higher level and can customize my gear more and that sort of thing.

Another possibility is that life staff is meant as a secondary weapon. Say I main ice gauntlet so those points in Focus give me mana perks, even if I’m not using the life staff heavily as a second weapon. I just don’t know, I don’t have a feel for any of this yet! Which is fun for me, I like figuring out builds as long as it’s just not in a weird/bad spot design-wise right now.

I have thought from the start that to level life staff you pair it with fire staff, pick the talent that removes the mana cost from life staff attacks, then start a battle by doing one or two life attacks and switch to fire. Kill the mob, then swap back to life and heal yourself. I believe this would level both staves. Heck if you’re doing this you don’t even need to invest points in focus.

It will work for leveling life staff, but your life staff heals will be pretty bad without Focus, or so it seems. Useful for topping yourself off after combat but maybe not so much in being able to effectually heal in a battle situation. And that leaves you with one weapon, effectively, instead of two.

Giant caveat in that I don’t have a feel for the numbers yet. How many stat points do we have to play around with? If we can effectively raise 3 stats up then it’s workable. If you can pour everything into maximizing one stat, that might be a problem.

Ex: going Gauntlet + Rapier, I can dump into Int and put some into Dex. Both weapons benefit from both stats, Rapier doesn’t use the same resource pool, etc. Dumping points into Int + Focus, my gauntlet is only getting the benefit of its primary stat, not the secondary one. Is that a big deal? I have nooo idea yet. :)

Is it just me, or is the world a bit…empty? It’s pretty and all, but there is not really anything out there, no quest givers, random events, etc. You take quests from the hubs and run across the map to kill some mobs to collect a whatsadoozit, or open a chest, then run back with nothing really interesting to distract you or engage you in something emergent. There are landmarks, but there is nothing of note actually at the landmarks to promote exploration, other than the odd bit of lore. So, just a lot of running from point A to B, then back to A. The faction PVE missions have already been on repeat and other quest givers have give me nothing other than go here, kill mobs, get loot quests. Not even any interesting story chains or beats.

Seems like very dated quest design in an otherwise nice looking package. If that’s all the PvE is going to be, I’m not sure this is going to have legs beyond a couple of months following the main storyline through to max level.

I generally like to wander around in MMOs and see where the breadcrumbs take me, but something seems off or missing here.

Around 10 hours in and level 15 so far.

If I squint, I can kind of see what the endgame vision looks like, and it’s not really THAT far removed from what the game was pre-rework. It’s ultimately supposed to be like EVE or Albion, where the players will drive the guild/faction/territory interplay. They did add lots of PvE “stuff” to do, but even those activities act in service of guilds/factions/territories. You’re not really meant to get a story or a campaign - you’re meant to achieve small repeatable goals in service of larger movements.

Just my perception from a very low level so far.

The vast majority of story stuff in MMOs is forgettable anyway. I haven’t gotten out of the starter areas, because I made a character on s as new server, but I’m having fun.

I honestly hadn’t really thought about the fact the quest givers are only in hubs so far. I don’t mind, because I love gathering stuff, and this game is great for that. Also, having quest givers get killed sucks.

It does seem strange that the recall to the inn is on a one hour cooldown. Not sure why it needs to be so long.

I really am liking this game so far… its a good mix of old school mmo and ‘new’ school survival crafter. What I really like is that the feel of combat is simple but it just gets ‘action’ combat right. It’s like a more precise feeling ESO. also the network code feels tight, usually in a new mmo wed get tons of rubberbanding, this game is above that, its WYSIWYG, which is rare for an mmo, And I like the combat alot so much that i might go back to ESO due to the amount of content in it and it having similar gameplay.

New World lacks the lore content but it has the awesome graphics. It looks like it was originally supposed to be like Valheim but decided to add an MMO design to it. Like ANY mmo, not sure how endgame will be (all pvp?)… but this definitely has enough fun for a couple hundred hours which is enough gemeplay for me.

Your guys reactions are interesting but fairly different from mine. I feel like the world is an interesting place and it scratches my exploration and crafting itch really well. I can’t tell you how many times I have tried to go to a quest location and got distracted five times seeing something interesting or going to gather a resource.

And it feels like the main quest line is giving me some lore. I’ve only done quests through around level 20 but there is definitely a storyline there which is reasonably interesting. As MMO rating goes!

Had a funny experience last night. My guild did a zone exploration event with maybe 30 to 40 of us. We ran around getting landmarks and collecting chests. We found out the monster respawn code works great. We would kill four or five monsters really quick and then all of a sudden they would start spawning instantly and running up to the group. It was a fairly effective way to power level weapon skills. I think I got 4 to 5 levels on maybe half my weapons (including life staff to level six i think). It’s not as effective for leveling your character because you don’t ever get more than 10 or 20 XP per mob but I still gained one level I think. I did max out my azoth though.

Ha, was thinking just that yesterday - maybe I need to give ESO a closer look! I do like the class system (or lack thereof) in New World. I am also just not sure about how the end game will work, but I am only level 7. If it’s just faction v. faction, I’ll be disappointed.

There are instance dungeons for 3-5 players as well.

I’ve got characters on NA East and West. Haven’t noticed a difference between playing with 70 vs 200 ping. 12+ hours I’ve only had one instance of what felt like a server lag spike, ave it was very brief.

Very true, and I haven’t really gotten outside the starter areas, though I did run from Windsward to Monarch Bluffs

And they are a relatively recent addition to the game, so they will be adding more. Anybody tried one of these yet?


Pre ordered this and have been playing the beta for a few hours now. Once thing I love about this game is that I started a second character on another server and noticed that the map layout changed. After the initial questing the location of the first settlement was completely different as well as the settlement itself. I wonder how many variations there are? On my first playthrough the initial NPC quest giver was female and the second time male. Locations of chests and supply caches seem to change as well.

I am really enjoying this and will definitely play retail. The only problem I have is deciding whether or not to keep playing the beta or save all the discovery for when the game is officially released.

I kinda wish either rapier or musket had focus as the secondary stat instead of int.

Me too. Having to start over no matter what because of the wipe before retail really makes me want to quit now and just experience the whole thing once and not so many times like I’ve done with WOW.

Yeah, I really do not want to do the starter quest chain again in order to unlock the factions, but I don’t think there’s another option.

Definitely odd that the only weapon using focus is the life staff. My guess is that the next weapon added to the game will be a melee weapon with focus as a secondary.

As it is, I’ve given up on rapper and using gauntlet/axe