Amazon's New World MMO

You can be shunted to one of…uh… at least 3 different settlements for your initial quest chain. It’s nice that everyone isn’t shoved into the same starter town.

The three I know of are Windsward, First Light, and Monarch Bluffs

I had some weird login issues until late last night that I finally got resolved. Not wild about having to turn of IPv6 to get it to boot, hopefully fixed by launch. I only played about 10 minutes but liked what I saw. Looking forward to diving in for real later on today.

There was extended server downtime yesterday trying to fix some issues. Not sure if that’s related

Regarding this, I did learn about Amber gems this morning. They convert a percentage of the weapon damage to Nature, which scales off of Focus. A Tier 5 amber converts 80% to nature damage.

So, you could put that in any weapon? I don’t know a thing about advanced systems. What other kinds of gems are there?

You could put it in any weapon that has a gem socket, which sounds like gets more common in higher tier equipment.

As for other gems, I don’t know they all do. I did see a Carnelian that gives boosts to taunt.

sadly you can’t put it in a weapon that has certain perks as I found out today. was really excited to see the nature option, especially since nature is good against half the stuff resistant to thrust. Would be great for my spear. Spear has a perk that does chain damage to other things nearby and this means none of the gems that split damage can be slotted :(

It was not. Some issue with it authenticating beta access or something. They blamed me being on a beta windows update…not true. Only fix was to turn off IP6 via network settings. Odd fix.

I wasn’t sure Valve would refund MMOs, but they just did so for Swords of Legends Online. So looks like I’ll be hitting the New World early after all!

Apparently, once you turn in the very first quest from the captain, if you don’t take any quests from the quest giver on the beach, you can run to a different starting location.

Thats really useful info, thanks!

Hope they don’t change it. Tempted to test it out.

The faction rank up quest recommends you be level 25. How necessary is that?

it’s flexible. the main story quests are hard gated to level, everything else seems to be ‘if you can do it good for you’

I’m asking how difficult was it to do. Am I going to get roflstomped if I’m not 25?

If you’re talking about the gladiator quest (that’s what the marauder faction called anyway) I just did it this morning at 26 and it was not that tough. You basically have to defeat a slightly tougher than normal mob. The hardest part is going into the area because there are lots of other guys aimlessly wandering around. I did it this morning so there was no one else around but I didn’t have any issues as long as I pick my fights carefully. If you do it when it’s crowded you shouldn’t have an issue.

Yeah, I wondered about that. Had to kill the guy at the south forge three times before I got credit because of the number of people around.

If I didn’t get so wrapped back up in EQ on the new server, I would try it out now. Wife and I just joined a really cool guild and there is a lot of content I never did that we plan to do over the next couple months, but I am sure we will jump in eventually. Hopefully people are still playing then!

Finding a good guild in a MMO is a big deal, I’d be sticking with that as well! And that way, you get to avoid some of those newly launched MMO growing pains. Of course, you also miss on the new MMO energy but I guess you can’t have it all. :)

Is the Qt3 contingent joining up with a particular guild at launch? I enjoyed the beta, but I can tell it’s going to be a lonely game without folks to run with.