Amazon's New World MMO


I’d assume if anyone Euro facing could take the lag that an East server would be ideal for a guild if we were going for a middle-ground type of deal.

I’ll probably keep my preorder, just because I haven’t had a casual MMO to mess with since GW2. I will chop a lot of trees for science.

Not that I’m aware of. Unofficial NA and EU servers for launch would be cool, but I don’t have a feel for how well the game handles latency. My pings to the east coast servers were surprisingly poor when I looked but it could have just been at a time of heavy network load or something else. I didn’t try actually playing on those servers, though, so no idea how much of a difference it would make in practice.

Two thoughts here:

  1. playing on NAEast with 200 ping felt the same as playing on NAWest with 70 for me

  2. choosing a server based on where Qt3 folks will be is sheer folly, since most won’t stick with it. Unless you want an empty guild a month from now, that is

Bonus thought: I’m playing on East because the guilds seem much better organized than west. Decided I was willing to play any faction for a guild on NAWest that looked good to me, but haven’t found one

Perfect, that’s exactly the data point I was looking for. For some games the difference between 70ms and 200ms can be massive, for others not so much.

I think a Qt3 guild doesn’t work for this reason, but congregating on a particular server for the region is more workable. I mean, you have to pick a server, doesn’t hurt to all pick the same one in your region!

I’ve had some isolated weirdness one day, that could have just as easily been server related, but I’m up to level 21 on Atlantis and it’s totally fine, for me at least. I suggest giving it a try, yourself.

I’m under no illusions that a “Qt3 guild” is doomed to anything but failure. But I’ve had success with the “Qt3 people congregate and join up with X guild” model. I’m unattached, but I know some folks here run with their own guilds, and I wouldn’t mind trying to collectively join up with one as sort of a pseudo-Qt3 guild.

There is the non-qt3 one @Charlatan mentioned upstream that seems to be active in a number of games: .

I played with the group Charl plays with and they seem like a nice bunch of people. However they are going green and I am going purple on launch :) Will need to find a group of people going purple.

I had thought Wanderers were going to be having some folks play, but when I tried to log in I found that the Wanderers forum is locked down tighter than my online banking site, complete with the worst captcha ever, along with a “Forgot your password?” thing that apparently does nothing.

So yeah, I’m on the fence about playing this at all, but leaning towards probably no unless there are folks grouping up.

@triggercut a lot of the wanderers hang out on their Discord (at least we were during the beta here). I can shoot you a link to it. There is discussion about what to do in New World.

What are the meaningful differences between the factions? Is it just the aesthetic of the purchased gear?

Re: playgroups, someone just tell me who they are playing with at launch who needs a warm body for PvP, and I’ll join up 😅

Yeah, somehow I became the admin for the wanderers website and i have no idea how to do that job. I locked the place down due to bots posting Nike ads or some such crap.

Would love to fix all of that, but my 25 year old CS degree that hasn’t been used in 20 years isn’t up to the task.

The Wanderers will definitely be playing and most of the communication is on the discord now, which I’d be happy to share with anyone interested. If I can figure out what to do to bring the ancient forum software up tp date, I’ll let you know.

So I think the website for Wanderers is working for both old and new accounts again. We have about 15 people confirmed to play at release, all old farts like charlatan and me from DAoC, GW, SB, but hopefully not too crotchety yet. We’re planning to play on the same server as Gaischioch and ally with them for as much PvP as they’ll let us, and vice versa. Looks like Finias/Marauders as long as there is a Finias server at release. We’ll be using discord for most of our coordination, but we also have an ancient phpBB forum at that I’m trying to keep running with the discord server at The Wanderers Guild. Anyone here is welcome to join us if you are looking for a guild that’ll be slow on the draw, but fast on the phrasing.


Oh, i’m plenty crotchy!

Oh wait, you said crotchety…

I have a friend that’s playing in the closed beta. I plan on giving the game a shot. Does anyone know if it is possible to have sign up for two servers? one for the wanderes group and the other for whatever my friend and his guild have?

Characters are server-bound. You can have characters on multiple servers, but each is stuck where they started. At least, that is how the beta worked.

Sounds like the typical MMO. Presumably, they’ll allow some type of transfer for a fee in the future.
Anyone what their plans are for monetization? I was pleasantly surprised to find out there. isn’t a subscription

I believe there is a cash shop but they have said it’s only going to contain cosmetic items.

As I understand it, though, there are groups of servers and you can only have one character per group. I’m not sure where those groups are listed. You should certainly be fine if they are different regions (East vs West US, for instance) but being that I’m not certain

Initially. Important caveat