Amazon's New World MMO

Safer solution:

Just update your spyware!

I was told that Falias is open to new character creation so if you wanted to play with The Wanderers you can! I do not know anything about character transfers.

Does this game require grouping for content? I’m an old fart who hates people.

Just dungeons. I’ve spent about 1% of my time grouped.

Need a guild of people haters that can group only when absolutely forced to. :)

So, I was going to read the lore and all the notes you pick up. That quickly switched to “I’ll read these when I am back in the settlement”. And then…“Yeah, I still don’t like reading in MMORPGs”

Until yesterday, same here 1% one Armine Dungeon expedition. I was with my long-time friend’s group of misfits. We were helping a couple of lower levels with some quests. It was pretty boring, but not much different than grouping on any MMPORG, One nice thing about New World while waiting there is generally some trees, rocks, or plants to gather.

But to be clear, the main story quest does require you to do at least one dungeon run and that does require a group.


That’s great to know. Not sure I want to restart my character, though, so I may be better off still waiting for the transfers to start.

Another run at Dragon’s Dogma or continue New World? I’ve decided to play a melee class in Dragon’s Dogma and climbing a Cyclops and trying to smash its helmet off while my pawns try to cut its ankles and bring it down is just highlighting how the core fighting loop in MMOs need more excitement. I’m hoping Amazon will make key QoL and server queue improvements in the meantime.

Queues are already pretty well gone. Haven’t hit them in days

So, two characters max per server cluster (like US East)? That seems to be the case.

Made it into Falias. Enjoying it so far!

The more I play this, the more I’m thinking, man i’d love if they made a wow 2 with this kind of art direction. I’m not even sure they’d need to do much else to it.

I’m finding the 1/4, and 1/3 (or 1/4) secondary conversion factor for crafting really kills my enthusiasm. 1 steel is 12 ore. To make a steel weapon or main tool is about 144 ore. One trip out, i can back with maybe enough for 5 tools, depending on whether i got sidetracked and whether i got lucky with nodes. Leather is worse. 16 rawhide for 1 coarse leather(or is it rugged). I need 45 to make a bag. Thats 720 rawhide…

Then there’s the storage game. I have 1175 storage in everfall, my main hub. I’m constantly at 1169. I’ve already started offloading certain things to brightwood, but i’m always fuddling with it. About half of that is comprised of food and arcanum. Key note for any devs out there: ITS JUST NOT FUN TO FUCK AROUND WITH STORAGE. Whats even more fun, is that now due to my magic bags, i hold about half as much as my storage -so all that shit i collect, i still gotta stuff back into my storage like some idiotic squirrel with a gathering complex.

I just wanted to play solo, but apparently around ~25 you hit a quest on the main path you have to group for.

No thanks. There are plenty of people hanging around, so it wouldn’t be hard to get a group, but I have no desire to do so.

You’d fucking hate Black Desert Online.

Well, it is an MMO. Is grouping more important at higher levels? I’d personally like to do between 10-30% group and the rest solo.

The problem here is that the term “MMO” really doesn’t mean what it used to mean, and for many people that designation signifies a game that features online play with multiple people simultaneously in a world, but which does not necessarily demand your interaction with those people in any organized or systematic fashion. Unlike the first and perhaps second wave of MMOs, which were decidedly and deliberately built around forced grouping, and where everyone kind of knew that, modern MMOs generally reflect the lessons learned from the early years, namely that there are a huge number of people who like the sort of worlds and systems in MMOs but really have little interest in constant interaction with others, or the sort of semi-permanent social structures that classic guilds represent.

Attempts to please all comers have been mixed, to say the least. It’s easy to do one or the other, hard to balance both at the same time. Today, if a game is billed as an MMO IMO that does not necessarily mean anyone playing should expect to have to group at all, really. Not saying which approach is “better,” just that the term “MMO” no longer means what it did ten years ago.

I’m old school I think of MMO and MMORPG as the same thing, although clearly Fortnite, and New World are both MMO but very different. Isn’t New World technically a MMORP? The last MMORPG, I played was WOW, which compared to Asheron’s Call where I started , seems modern.

In any event, Gendal is probably wise to not play if doesn’t want to deal with people. The fact I’m on message board talking about the game rather playing it isn’t really a great sign for how much I love either.

I see your point but I wouldn’t call Fortnite an MMO. The first M stands for massively, and doesn’t really lend itself to a small self-contained map with a limited number of combatants all playing for the same objective. It’s akin to a game of Battlefield, which I assume you wouldn’t call an MMO.