Amazon's New World MMO

I agree - triggercut and Hamilton are on different points and both of them can be correct. The game is dying and there is a surge of negative reviews. If the console players don’t pick this up and pump the numbers, I imagine the writing is on the wall.

I’ve been playing off and on since beta, and this has never felt like a release product. The devs have been glacially slow to respond to player requests, to add new content, or to do any of the other things one does to support a live game.

I’ve always thought the real goal is to develop (and demo) their MMO engine. Lumberyard/ Azoth seems pretty great at the scales in NW. I figured they’d be marketing it as a competitor to Unreal by now.

I have over 1,700 hours into the game. It scratches an open world RPG thing for me. I don’t mind crafting and finding ways to do things to keep myself busy. The world is large enough that farming isn’t boring and you can always join an expedition with others if you want.

But, I would argue the developers were lazy in fixing problems and everytime they try to fix one thing they screw up something else, and every patch involves basically downloading the entire game.

For me the “end game” is collecting gold. But there really is no end game, which I guess is standard for an MMO. This is the only one I have played.

Most successful MMORPGs have an end game, though whether one likes it or not is a matter of preference. WoW has a billion things to do, from daily quests and dungeons to raids to goodness knows what else they’ve added since I quit playing. Pretty much all the rest of the big ones, too, had the same sort of combo of group and guild-level activities, daily grinds, different progression tracks, etc.

New World, not so much maybe. It’s kind of an outlier there perhaps.

NW has a lot of daily grinds but because of leveling limitations and weapon level limitations you can’t really improve yourself.

Does NW have some interesting story with an ending and can it be played as a singleplayer RPG?

I play it probably 95% single player. It has developed a single player story line that you can follow that will basically introduce you to the different areas and enemies in the game while trying to explain the lore. The PvP content in the game is voluntary.

The story is a simple one, often with fetching quests and with solo trials. Not great, but better than a year ago when I got into the game.

Personally I think the game makes leveling up too easy, but that is my opinion only. The game can be played as a solo RPG, although there are areas and quests designed for groups.

I thought the end game in New World revolved around PvP activities. That’s how it struck me when it was released anyway. I haven’t kept up with post-release content.

It was supposed to I think. In my limited experience with the game though it didn’t seem to work out all that well.

The end game now pretty much revolves around expeditions and elite chest runs. The developers keep increasing the gear scores but they don’t increase the rewards from earlier difficult group boss fights, there are no reason to do them.

PvP is pretty dead.