Amazon's New World MMO

You also get faction tokens from completing their quests, and you can exchange tokens and gold to purchase gear.

Nice, I wasn’t aware of that!

im on finias/marauders with charlatan, harkonis, and some other guildmates from way back if anyone is looking for some friendly faces to join up with. The name banzai was taken, so im going with Baerd for beta. We will see if I can grab banzai at release.

Game seems very smooth and well thought out. Combat is a step up from both old school mmos and the rift/wildstar action models. i can see playing this one for a long time, or at least until ashes of creations releases and they can have a grudge match for domination.

Thanks for the correction. I was going off of a wiki, which was probably wrong. Strength makes more sense anyway

I know nothing about this game except reading the last 10 post before this and than this comment. So some sorta Ice Gauntlet and Spear combo is doable and it sounds like a CC/DPS mix? If so…oh my.

Tell me more about interesting combos :).

Edit… I see the correction. Still very intrigued. Crafting sounds awesome as well.

Now crashes on start for me. Installed latest nvidia drivers, still crashes. Can’t play

You can pick any two weapons you want to have word at a time and swap between them freely. It just kind of makes sense to have two that are complimentary both in teens of function and (ideally) stat dependence.

Just played for a couple of hours and I’m really impressed. Minimal jank considering it won’t be out for 5 weeks. No server issues. Looks and runs great.

Not sure about crafting, but I could definitely lose hours just gathering mats. There are a total of 13 trade skills and afaik, you can engage in as many as you like.

Not sure how I feel about rapier just yet. I liked the spear a bit better, I think, but we will see. Overall, combat feels pretty good. It’s active and engaging, but not overly twitchy.

Are people planning on going through Steam or Amazon directly? Wondering if the servers would be different?

Never mind looks like Amazon sends a Steam key from what I can tell from the Internets

But if you buy from Amazon, you may have to wait for beta access (up to 48 hours)

I’m almost three weeks late but this quote is an absolute gem!

Ok anyone fill me in where to get a sickle? No idea how to make that. Or how to get fish oil. I assume I’ve got to have a pole first

Craft the sickle and fishing pole at the workshop. For fish oil, “salvage” fish for fillets and oil.

For early fishing, look for ponds and streams and harvest the reeds, they provide freshwater bait.

Done thanks. I couldn’t figure out the workshops but got that straight. I was fishing the ocean and it took me over a half hour to get 10 fish oils =/

I’m still sitting here with “Finish more town tasks” before it will let me proceed to “The old man who cried corruption”. I’ve done half a dozen missions off the board and am over level 10 now, how many do I have to do?

This looks like it had no legs


Have The Wanderers created or joined a company?

I’m on Finias/Marauders as Fertile Jim since strummer was taken.

Added you to friends list Mr Jim.

For the beta I think we are joining up with another old DAoC guild, Gaiscioch, but have not decided whether we’ll have our own company that’s allied with them at release or continue as members there.


A Twitch streamer received a permanent ban for milking a cow in game. Turns out it was an error, but caused some discussion. I don’t have a link at the moment, but was a pretty funny story.