Amber game: dead

As of tonight I must pronounce my Amber game dead, and end it. I am sorry to report that we never got past the introductory stage.

I am deeply disappointed in my failure to create and run a game capable of holding the interest of the players.


What game was this? Did I miss something?

I think he’s already committed seppuku to restore honor to his family.


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Raife: My penance has taken a slightly different form.

That sucks. I’d play.

Why is it so hard to maintain these things? I haven’t signed up for one yet, but part of that is because they tend to be full within an hour of someone posting the invite. And yet no one shows up!? That makes no sense. I meet with a few friends twice a week online to play CoH as a small group. People miss, but it’s pretty rare, and we’ve been doing it for months.

So, no dice?

So to speak.