“Writings e-mails as part of sleepwalking on Ambien study”

Holy crap! I could present a whole case study for them. I probably should in case this could pose a danger to anyone if they took it further (driving). It’s amazing to see someone else does the identical thing I’ve done so many times.

What is interesting to me is where the cut-off line is. I’ve cooked experimental meals, I’ve eaten enough to barf, I’ve written repatori that would make Shakespeare shoot himself, almost none of it remembered. But my brain never tries to make me leave the house…

There are some weeks where I think I do more hardcore cooking when I’m on Ambien than I do when I’m awake. I don’t get to enjoy the food because I don’t remember it. I just wake up to a terribly messy kitchen. Why can’t my brain get me to do some house work and dishes too? I’d love to wake up and see I’d scrubbed the floors, toilet, and bathtub - all done as if by magic.

Well I should proably get off my computer. I took my Ambien just before I started writing and am getting sleepy… and really freakin hungry.


I know you do some hardcore broadbrush hating on everyone that lives in the South when you are flying on Ambien. Even your frops were like, “Dude, you are seriously out of control right now.”

Holy best cartoon ever.

You take Ambien? No wonder you stuff pillows in your mouth when you’re sleeping, Ambien makes people do really weird shit (see above comic, which is in fact very funny though not the best ever).

Yeah, you might have mentioned that you take the Ambien pretty regularly in the somnambulist thread. But I guess I knew you took it from time to time. I didn’t know it was pretty common, though. You have the source of your vivid dream reactions.

Hahaha! That cartoon is so awesome. I would love to have Jamie the Walrus visit me in my dreams.

Yu mama does ambien.

What a wonderful movie that was!

I chuckled.

I take Ambien to try and calm me down so I can have dental work done (even cleanings). I hate having a phobia. It hasn’t made me do anything weird, though I’ve only ever taken it for that reason.

Wow, I’d never heard of it used in that fashion. So how did it work?

Ambien has helped me tremendously. My whole life I’ve had trouble sleeping, and last year things really got bad. Between family problems and relationship issues, I just couldn’t get my brain to stop turning things over and over.

5 mg of Ambien gives me just enough to shut off those thoughts, and be able to fall asleep.

I take it about 4-5 times a week or so. It’s a huge help when I know I have something I have to be up and alert for the next day, so I don’t lie in bed fighting myself to fall asleep.

I occasionally go off it for a week or 10 days, just to get it out of my system, but if it keeps working at this low of a dose, I wouldn’t mind taking it for the foreseeable future.

I haven’t had any side effects, besides being incredibly hungry if I take it, and then something prevents me from hopping right into bed. If I’m up for 30 minutes or so after taking it the hunger hits hard. But that’s only happened maybe 5-6 times in about 9 months of taking it.

Awesome, there’s a ton of them!

Also, this.

Strangely enough, I tried Ambien for the first time last Friday. A friend gave it to me and told me how wild it can be if you don’t go straight to bed. Well, he was dead on. I spent most of the night looking for bowls of cereal that I thought I had just made. This went on for like 3 hrs because I didn’t want to wake up to find that I had left bowls of cereal around the house. Alas it turns out that I hadn’t made a single bowl (at least that I know of).

Is there like a dedicate site for Ambien stories? I’d so subscribe to that newsletter.

Edit: oh god.

I want more ambien stories they are pure awesome.

Fairly well. I didn’t fall asleep, but I did not care, so I think that was their goal.

While in the chair getting my fillings done, I distinctly remember opening my eyes and seeing the inside of the dentist’s office, the dentist over me working on my teeth, and my wife sitting in the corner reading a book because I am a baby about dental stuff and need reinforcement to do it.

But when I closed my eyes, I saw a beautiful, magical landscape, full of otherworldly plants like I was in Zangarmarsh in the WoW expansion, only instead it was full of bright autumn colors, oranges and reds and yellows exploding in a tremendous display of color. It was incredibly peaceful and serene.

I’d open my eyes and it’s gone, close them and it was back again. Incredibly weird.

You can try benadryl for help sleeping. I have to take it for a constant sneezing fit preempter, but it really helps for sleeping and my doctor said it is fine to take at night prior to sleep every night.

25 mg or 50 mg if you need some heavy stuff.

Benadryl didn’t do much for me. And its half life is significantly longer than that of Ambien which just left me drowsy in the morning if I actually took enough to have it help me fall asleep. I even tried some prescription antihistamines for a while with the same results.

Ambien really is a magic drug for me. I’m not a big fan of using drugs to address long term health problems that can be tackled in other ways (diet, exercise), but poor sleep can really mess up so many other aspects of your life that it’s important to do something about. I suggest Ambien to anyone I know who’s had persistent sleep issues. I just tell them to start with the lowest dose possible (which I think is 5mg), and work their way up if needed.

Wow, I must have a high tolerance. I don’t see any beauitful imagery - I just do stupid stuff.