AMC's TURN: Washington's Spies

Has anyone else been watching this show, last season and this? I thought for sure I’d find a thread for it here. Good cast including Jamie Bell, JJ Feild, Angus Macfadyen and Stephen Root. Last year it was just TURN (with the stylized touch of the N turned backwards).

Just started watching it last night and watched S01E01. The first season is on Netflix USA and Season 2 is now showing on AMC, with the first three episodes broadcast so far in S02.

As a Canadian who studied the American Revolution in University, I was greatly fearing a jingoistic approach. Happily, that flavor didn’t show up in the first episode. My wife, who is not a fan of historical drama as much as I am enjoyed it as well. So that’s saying something.

Very good show so far. Reviews on the web indicate a slow burn with a number of threads that are built earlier in Season 1 and pay off later as well. Early reviews on Season 2 suggest that there is a de-emphasis on some of the family drama subplots that were in Season 1 in the shows being broadcast now.

Whatever the case, I’m in.

Yeah, I love this show and am very much enjoying season 2. It’s like period piece porn for a period in our history that I’ve always felt drawn to.

Wow, hell of an episode tonight. I’m glad that a certain priggish and murderous A-hole got a little of what was coming to him. With our luck, though, he’ll probably survive.

I could have sworn there was another thread for this, but Turn is a wonderful word on a gaming forum to search for, so this is probably the one we can find.

I just started season one, two episodes in, and enjoyed it a lot - definitely not what I was expecting either, which is nice. I guess AMC is known for its rather explicit series?

Now that you mention it, so far in Season 1 (until end of ep 7) the series is more PG than R - at least as far as I can recall. I am not sure whether they are holding back on nudity and trying to depict the famously uptight American colonists, or whether that is a “rule” on set. It would not at all surprise me to see it is relaxed where appropriate though. It certainly does not “feel” like anything other than a R rated cable drama though, albeit without the gratuitous scenes in Spartacus and Black Sails. It’s more Homeland and The Walking Dead in that regard. Turn is an AMC production, not Starz. Starz would be the network known for particularly gratuitous sex in its series, not AMC.

Whatever the case, I don’t care. It is made for an adult audience and treats the viewer like a grown up. I am entirely impressed with the series. About the only thing I can say negatively about it is that there are a couple of really poor CGI effects early in season 1 dealing with boats on the water, but that later in season 1 as Washington’s army crosses the Delaware, that issue is much improved (far from perfect, just not as distractingly glaring).

Writing is good, acting is very well done. I am a fan of Turn. It makes compromises with the actual historical spy ring in that most scholars believe that Woodhall and Co. enter into the picture in service to Washington in 1778, not 1776, but I can well understand the writers wanting to develop the series against a backdrop of events most Americans (and other nationalities) are more familiar with if they are not students of the Revolutionary War.

Wow, hell of an episode last night. Great twist at the end for the Scotsman. Not to mention the surprise that Simcoe got (that guy needs to be put out of our misery post-haste).

We’ve been absolutely loving this show. It shows no signs of losing momentum as it goes on like HBO’s John Adams series. Our favorite part is how many characters are given such a rich & varied development. The cast of sympathetic villains here is second to none. (Disclaimer: I don’t watch Game of Thrones.)

The one major negative I can cite (apart from certain aspects of colonial times boring me or testing my humanity) is the obviousness of the low budget. If you can’t afford to show me the conclusion of the crossing of the Delaware, why write a script that builds up so much excitement for it?! That was the most egregious case, by far, but there have been several such unnecessary teases. It leaves an underwhelming impression.

Otherwise, the show is largely fantastic. I worry Abraham is becoming caricatured over time, but we’re only a couple episodes into season 2 so far. I’ll have to wait & see.

Season 3 confirmed.

— Alan

Awesome news!