AMD Ryzen discussion


fuck qualcomm in their qualcomm hole!

::knocks back a shot::


Yes, yes, I like where this is going!


Looks like new Ryzen is “close enough” to Skylake in per-core perf?




Are those with HPET forced on? Anandtech figured out what was wrong with their numbers, and that was it.


It looks like Amazon and Newegg slashed their prices on the 1800X.

Did the math and an 1800X, Wraith cooler, motherboard, 16GB DDR4 3200, and an ATX case will run me about $650. I can use my existing power supply and Vega 56 to round out the rest. Wondering if it’s a worthwhile upgrade over a i7 4770.


Not really, unless you do stuff that actually uses all those cores.


That’s funny… I just scored a Ryzen 7 1800X from an AMD rep. I’ve pulled my 4th-gen i5 and replaced it with the Ryzen, a new mobo and 16GB of DDR4 RAM. Cost me CAD$400 tax in. I kept my case, my 600W PSU, my R470 and my SSD/HDDs/ODD.

I do see things running a bit snappier, but I suspect that’s more due to moving to 16GB of RAM over the 8 of DDR3 I had before.


RAM is still overpriced right now. I entered that contest for the anniversary Intel CPU but even if I manage to win one, it would need a $200+ CAD mobo and $200-300 CAD RAM. Ryzen mobos are cheap now at $60 (after MIR) or $100 compared to Intel ones.


I finally got around to building a Ryzen machine. Had a bit of a scare when it didn’t power up at all after assembly (nothing at all, didn’t even get the fans spinning). I disconnected everything non-essential, tried a different power supply, double-checked that all the power connections were definitely, etc. Nothing worked, so it had to be the CPU.

So I unscrewed the comically large third-party heatsink, pulled it off, and… The socket is empty. There’s no CPU there. WTF? I distinctly remember applying the thermal paste, and can’t be sleep-deprived enough to put thermal paste into an empty socket.

And the heat-sink is looking a bit odd too… Oh, wait. That’s the CPU, stuck very, very firmly to the bottom of the heatsink. I must have somehow screwed up locking the CPU into the socket, and then merrily installed a very heavy-duty heatsink on top of it. By some miracle there was no damage to the pins, and after re-seating the CPU everything worked just fine.

(I’m really not impressed with the ASRock Taichi motherboard. There’s all kinds of oddities like the DRAM voltage adjustment not working, so now my memory is being fried at 1.39V even though I suspect 1.3V would be just fine for running it at 2933. Or the way the sensors misreport the CPU temperature to the OS by 50 degrees.)

Next step is to check whether a KVM+PCI passthrough gaming setup (maybe with that new Looking Glass thingy) works well enough these days. If not, no big deal. I’ll demote my old workstation to a gaming PC instead of retiring it completely.


My desktop is about seven and a half years old, and I spent multiple hours this weekend troubleshooting Windows Update issues and got to the point where the recommended solution is “reinstall Windows from scratch”. Since I was starting to think about an upgrade anyways, I figure I might as well do a new build if I’m going to be spending the time on a Windows install. I’m looking at upgrading from a standard i5-2500k build to this:

Ryzen 7 2700x ($299.99) or Ryzen 7 1800x ($239.99)
Gigabyte X470 AORUS ULTRA GAMING AM4 ATX ($109.99)
G.SKILL Flare X 16GB ($160.98)
Samsung 970 EVO 500GB M.2 2280 ($169.99)
WD Blue 4TB 3.5" 5400RPM HD ($98.89)
ASUS GTX1070 8GB (Already have it, the only upgrade I made to the last box)
Cooler Master Mastercase Pro 5 ($99.99)
Seasonic USA Focus Gold 650 Watt 80 Plus Gold ($64.99)
Microsoft Windows 10 Home 64-bit OEM DVD ($89.99)
Total: $1,094.81 for the 2700x, $1,034.81 for the 1800x

Am I missing anything obvious? (I already have peripherals, optical drives, and monitors.) Is the processor upgrade worth the $60 for future proofing if I’m value-sensitive but not especially price-sensitive? Am I a moron for doing this now and not waiting for the next batch of everything-proof processors? Thanks.


No, that all looks fine. Not the exact components I would buy, but nothing wrong with it. Note you can save a couple bucks buying the windows license from kinguin.


Hah pretty similar to what I built one last year with a Gigabyte AX370. The only caveat is I don’t specially love the sound drivers. They stop working and switching between headset/speakers is a pain.

If you use headsets and you have issues I suggest this $15 sound card. That way you have a separate device just for headset/speakers along with a physical volume knob.


I did exactly this (also ASRock…I wonder…). I spent a day thinking it was some RAM incompatibility, since at the time it was when BIOS’ were very picky.

Over the past two weeks, the system now spontaneously goes dark, yet the fans remain on. After a LOT of debugging and google-fu, turns out it is a motherboard issue. ASRock AB350M Pro4 boards have a known issue with idle power states, at least for a large swath of people - and no known fix, despite 5 or so BIOS updates that have been released since my version. Sadly, mine didn’t happen till months after I built the system so no-go with an Amazon return or anything. I could send it back to ASRock, but then I’m out a machine for 2 weeks (at least). So, I’ll be grudgingly buying something new here soon.

(note: I’ve had ASRock boards before without issue, and this appears to be an issue specifically with this one board so I’m not condemning the company as a whole just this specific model).


I went with a cheap MSI B350M mobo.


I’ve had pretty bad luck with ASRock so I don’t buy their boards anymore.


Thanks for the feedback, gentlemen. I’ll keep the headset thing in mind if I see any issues - I don’t use one that often, but I’m sure I will at some point, and I’ll be less frustrated if I’m expecting trouble going in.




Well it seems the stock market doesn’t have high hopes for AMD. Stock down over 30% today. D:


The market pretty much crashed today, tech in particular. Ultimately with a 14% tax break I think they’re all going to do OK, except for those targeted by tariffs.


Not surprised. Crypto was the only thing probably driving sales for their GPU’s. They are almost non exsistent among gamers now which is why we are getting the stupidly expensive RTX cards now.

Can only hope they deliver a “Ryzen” type update for Radeon cards someday.